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Have you been sending your resume to countless firms for months now to no avail? Then, maybe it’s time you ask help from top resume services backed by expert writers in the field.

Alex Twersky, a pro in marketing and branding, says new graduates or entry-level job seekers are the ones who should hire online resume writing firms. Since “university career services are too overloaded,” he argues they can’t attend to your need. Likewise, he adds, compared to education’s cost, paying a skilled writer is a “relative bargain” because you’re “positioning yourself as best as possible in your first job”.

Yet, finding an online resume writing firm is no easy task. In a world full of scam artists, you can’t be sure the one you’ve found will help and not spoil your job search. Then again, with thousands of “accredited” online resume writing firms, how can a first-time applicant like you find the right one?

How to Find the Top Resume Services

While finding a credible resume writing firm is a struggle, it’s not due to lack of supply. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of certified professional resume writers. Hence, here are four ways to catch the good ones.

1. Check out your LinkedIn network.

A great way to avoid hiring fake firms is to find people who already found a trusted resume writing service. In the top search bar of LinkedIn, put in the key phrases “certified professional resume writers,” “professional resume writing company,” or “best online resume writer.” The search will rather show you every pro you’re connected with who writes resumes or works in a resume writing firm.

2. Take part in forums and communities.

Visit forums and online groups that take on resume writing to meet people working as freelancers or staff of online service firms. Further, they can pop up anywhere on such sites, and taking part often will make it easier for you to contact and ask them about their resume writing service.

3. Ask for referrals from people you know.

To find certified professional resume writers, Yana Parker, author of The Damn Good Resume Guide, suggests you ask for referrals from those you know and trust. “Ask around and see if any of your friends have had a good experience with a resume writer. Ask why your friend liked the service and take a look at her resume,” Parker says. One more technique is rather asking for a referral from a career advisor or center. Since they get frequent updates on the industry, they’re most likely familiar with firms that offer top online resume writing services.

4. Take advantage of Google search.

If you can’t find someone who hired good resume writing services, try doing “a little sleuthing on your own,” adds Parker. On Google, search the same key phrases we suggested you use on LinkedIn and when you find one, check out their website and credentials.

After finding good resume writing services, assess each of them. Here are details you must consider in hiring one.

  • Quality of Writing
    Does the resume target a particular goal? Is the content easy to understand? Does it have misspellings or errors in grammar?
  • Business Knowledge
    Ask the firm about their writers’ business experience. Besides resume writing, are they knowledgeable about health care? What about business and marketing? Education? A solid professional experience is an advantage when writing application tools for each field. Thus, don’t forget to bring up this topic.
  • Keyword Expertise
    Do they put keywords, trade acronyms, or buzzwords? Besides knowing how and where to insert these details in an application tool, the best online resume writers understand how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) work, too. They can write a tool that doesn’t glitch online resume-handling robots.
  • Price
    How much do they charge? Is there an extra fee when you ask to have the final product copied in a particular file format? What about conditional guarantees? Do they offer a full refund, unlimited revision, and free resume update?

If your job quest doesn’t bring you any interview, then consider hiring firms that offer top resume services such as the ones in our list. While finding and hiring them may take time, it’s worth the hassle to have a job-winning resume.

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