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Editor's Rating: 3.4 /5
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Last reviewed: April 29, 2019

Editor's Rating: 3.4

Customer Service
Payment System


Chapman Services Group LLC believes in quality, so much so that its process takes time and effort. Needless to say, the prices for the services are more expensive than competitors. But keep in mind that although it charges more, the company guarantees that the output will be worth it.


Its turnaround time is a bit longer than its competitors. Unlike the other resume writing companies on this list, its turnaround time is at least 7 business days. It can speed up the process for an additional price. It charges an extra $127 for 3 business days and $227 for 2 business days by electronic delivery.


Regarding user-friendliness, its website is not bad but not exceptional either. It does not take too long to load, plus it is mobile-friendly so anyone can browse their website on the go.

  • Standard – $397
  • Professional – $497
  • Senior Professional – $597
  • Executive – $797
  • C-Level – $997
LinkedIn Services
  • LinkedIn Profile Development – $247
  • Standard LinkedIn Profile Development – $297
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile Development – $397
  • Senior Professional LinkedIn Profile Development – $497
  • Executive LinkedIn Profile Development – $697
  • C-Level LinkedIn Profile Development – $897
Add-On services
  • A La Carte Standard Resume – $327
  • A La Carte Professional Resume – $427
  • A La Carte Senior Professional Resume – $527
  • A La Carte Executive Resume – $727
  • A La Carte C-Level Resume – $927
  • A La Carte Standard Cover Letter – $117
  • A La Carte Executive Cover Letter – $167
  • A La Carte Professional Cover Letter – $127
  • A La Carte Sr. Professional Cover Letter – $137
  • Thank You Letter – $127
  • Reference Dossier – $167
  • Executive Biography – $197
Career Coaching
  • Job Search Management – $197
  • LinkedIn Utilization Coaching – $197
  • LinkedIn Utilization Coaching w/ Profile Development – $100
  • Interviewing – $197
  • Salary Negotiations – $197
  • Networking – $197
  • Benefits Negotiations – $197
  • Goal Setting – $197
  • Career Branding – $197
  • Long Distance Job Searching Techniques – $197
Distribution Services
  • Job Site Posting to Top 25 Job Sites – $157
  • Recruiter Distribution – $297

Customer Service

Chapman Services Group LLC is open Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time. Its clients can also reach the company on its social media pages or email it for inquiries. Live chat is unavailable, though, and its phone support can use some improvement.

Payment System

Unfortunately, Chapman Services does not disclose its payment methods on its website. It would be better if it can show them to be more credible to clients. This will encourage more prospective clients to purchase its services because they know they will not have problems with the payment.

Editor’s Take

For job seekers who are not looking only for a written resume but get some career tips, too, it is a go-to firm. It can accommodate professional concerns but for those who want a faster turnaround, speed will come with a price. But for those on a tight budget, this company may not be the best choice. Its prices are a bit high although with it, of course, is guaranteed quality service.

User Reviews

Molly Black
June 14, 2019
Working with Lisa is very easy. She provided professional resume writing service and was very patient. I can’t write a resume as good as yours. You have the talent and I am glad I made the right choice. Thank you and I am very pleased with your work.
Victoria Palms
June 05, 2019
With a good amount of money at stake, I was hesitant at first to hire Chapman Services Group. I wanted to know their process and if how they can guarantee to create a more powerful resume. The phone call with Lisa was meaningful and she listened very well to all my concerns. When I got the final output, it was beyond my expectations. It was all worth the price and highly commendable.
Bruce Larson
May 18, 2019
I took the chance with CSG and thank God, I made the right decision! Lisa was meant to help people like me who have no idea in the resume writing industry. They were right, my resume was hurting me that’s why I can’t land a job. It’s quite expensive but I figured I needed this help for my career. The process and the services I got were amazing. Definitely recommended!
Mark Joseph Warner
May 14, 2019
Lisa was very easy to work with and she sure has knowledge in the resume writing field. She explain the process clearly and met all my expectations. Thank you so much for an impressive resume. this will definitely help me to get an interview.
Sonia Kosher
January 09, 2019
Working with CSG was a pleasurable experience. They listen very well and professional throughout the whole process. I just want to thank you guys for doing such an amazing work revamping my resume. I never knew how hard it is to update a resume for an executive position but you did an awesome job. Thanks so much!
Autumn Anderson
August 09, 2018
I realized that redrafting my own resume was useless and I was just wasting my time. So, I decided to look for resume services and found Chapman. Good thing they offer reasonable prices plus great services indeed! Thank you and I’ll definitely recommend you t o my friends.
Christelle Anderson
June 22, 2018
Looking for a job was difficult but crafting a professional resume was even harder. I was working for so long and had to shift career so I needed help restructuring my resume. Thanks to my friend who recommended Chapman Services, and working with them was smooth. Keept it up and thanks for a winner resume.
Brice Copper
February 20, 2018
From all the good reviews about Chapman Services, I availed the service and to no surprise, they delivered me a well-crafted resume. My skills were stressed and speaks well of my work background. Surely, I’ll hire Chapman Services again, thanks.
Caroline Hudson
January 19, 2018
Great work and it has been a meaningful experience working with my assigned writer. She was very cooperative and the management supports throughout the process.
Erickson Thomas
December 20, 2017
I still can\'t say how effective my new resume is in getting me a new job. However, the accomodation was amazing and my writer addresses my concerns.
Chapman Services Group, LLC.
Instead of a questionnaire, the assigned resume writer will conduct a 30 to 60-minute phone interview. He or she will ask targeted questions to create a resume and cover letter that will interest hiring managers.
  • Lisa Chapman founded Chapman Services Group LLC in 2000.
  • As a Certified Professional Resume Writer or CPRW and Authorized Behavioral Specialist, Lisa Chapman is a personality in the resume writing industry.
  • Her work has been featured in two top-selling books, “Expert Resume for Baby Boomers” and “Expert Resumes for College Students and New Grads”
  • Lisa is also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers/Career Coaches and the Career Management Alliance
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