article submission guidelines

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Here are our article submission guidelines:

Topics – Choose topics that you are well-familiar with and can consider yourself an expert on. Writing articles with subjects that are in-line with your industry or work will help you develop even more knowledge about them and get readers who are interested in topics related to them follow your articles.

Word Count – Aim to write a minimum of 500 words. Avoid writing less than the minimum as your article might lack enough information. But don’t go beyond the maximum as it may decrease reader interests.

Quality – Make sure that your article is of high quality and standards. Avoid committing spelling and grammar errors and always proofread your articles. Fact-checking is also a good habit.

Originality – We pay huge importance to originality and respect copyright laws. Our editors will not accept articles with content that are copied from another source. We do this to avoid cases of plagiarism.

Links – Up to three URLs are allowed within an article. These can include your sources of information and one link directing to your web site or blog. Approval of links will be determined by the editors.

Number of Articles – There’s no limit to the number of articles you can submit to our web site. Nonetheless, publishing of your submitted articles, given that you submitted more than two, will be scheduled accordingly. We archive extra contents for future use.

If you’re certain you can meet the above article submission guidelines, please send your article to, together with your brief bio of about 120 words and any relevant image to your post. Thank you!