When You Start Hating Your Job…

When You Start Hating Your JobWhat do you do when you reached the point where you can’t stand your job any longer? Do you immediately resign? This matter is difficult to deal with, especially when you are faced with tons of bills to pay. With massive layoffs looming as a result of recession, you must think twice and hold back any thoughts of quitting your job.

Hating Your Job No More

Here are some points to ponder:

    • Set your own priorities. No matter how much you dislike or hate your job right now, try to open your eyes to the fact that happiness is what you make it. By setting your own goals on a daily or weekly basis, you already empower yourself toward reaching something you anticipate.
    • Do it step-by-step. As you wake up every morning, target to accomplish one goal for the day. You don’t need to get all on your list done within 24 hours. Relieve yourself by feeling good about your progress when you look back at what you have accomplished little by little.
    • Spend a moment of solitude. Get some minutes of silence upon waking up. As much as possible, do not get into the habit of going to work when you are stressed and exhausted. It will only make your life worse.
    • Do your favorite things. This can be listening to music from your iPod, reading the morning newspaper, going out for lunch, using a new picture as your computer screensaver, or anything under the sun that will brighten your mood for the rest of the day.
    • Learn new skills. While you are in a job that you’ve grown to dislike, take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new. Try a new skill on your computer or read a good book on management during break time. Grab the best choice for self-improvement.
    • Unwind a little bit. Do some activities that can help you unwind and remove your tension. This might involve walking home, sketching on a paper, or playing a musical instrument. These help you clear your mind from miserable thoughts.
    • Do not lower your performance standards. Despite the situation you are currently in, it is still important to maintain your job performance. Always do well at work for the accomplishments you make will earn rewards for you later on.

Do not burn bridges. Try to maintain positive relationships and contact with co-workers, both past and present. They can be able to help by providing you with references. Whatever unhappy thoughts or experiences you had with your company, remember that this, too, shall pass. Be in charge of your choices to make a better future for yourself.