Top Resume Bombs That Can Humiliate an Applicant


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By: Linda Roberts

Hiring manageTop Resume Bombs That Can Humiliate an Applicantrs are keen with applications that go through their folders or job database. Modern time applications have adopted various application techniques like the inclusion of a personal portfolio and links to social network web sites like Facebook and Twitter.

For hiring managers, it is tolerable for an applicant to include his/her Facebook profile page or miscellaneous objects that are not usually found on a resume. The application process, by leaps and bounds, continues to adapt to the changes made possible by the applicants themselves.

However, there are still objects that hiring managers find insulting and unprofessional. Consequently, when an applicant submits an application that includes a groggy picture of him/her the application is considered dead. Curriculum vitae is not a freedom wall, which the applicant can exploit to expose his/her dark, deepest secrets.

Here are a few common objects that unprofessional applicants include on their resumes:

  • Humdrum tales of past working experience – According to professional career analysts, it is manageable to include a succinct story of an applicant’s background on the curriculum vitae. However, if the applicant settles for a boring tale that documents everything from the beginning, then the application dies a premature death.
  • Playful photographs of the applicant – As stated early, hiring managers are sensitive when it comes to the applicant’s photograph. Casual photographs depicting fashionable clothes and poses do not make it to the priority list of the application. Career analysts say that, the photograph initially reflects whether an applicant is serious or not with the application.
  • More than one social networking links – Hiring managers will consider Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. The applicant is not suggested to include all three on the employment abstract. Some applicants dare to challenge the application process with an inexhaustible number of social networking sites.
  • Perennial usage of words – Carefree applicants use carefree words on their resume. This is evident on how some would go the extra mile and use jargons that hiring managers do not have time to decode. Applicants who courageously include flowery words on their application are deterred of proper treatment from the hiring manager or Human Resource personnel.

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