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Top Executive Resume WritersWe’ve been reviewing online top executive resume writing companies since year 2000 and still updating our rankings on a regular basis, making sure we deliver crisp resume reviews. Here are the Top Executive Resume Writers in 2014:


The shiny thing about Resume Professional Writers is that they know how to customize their resumes, treating each job seeker as a person with unique background and abilities. The no-cookie-cutter approach is a very rare feature that puts them on the top of the list consistently. The writers are also specialized by industry, and the process is very consultative and free-flowing. They are also guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction, claiming that their resumes got a whopping 92% higher chance of winning an interview. Well that might be true. As for the inclusions, the packages already contain a cover letter, thank-you, and follow up letters starting at $195.


The company consistently ranked high for the past several years. In a recent review, Resume Prime is just two points behind the top spot. This can be attributed to company’s application of “best resume writing strategies” on each project it handles. The company specializes in providing various types of resume that come in five different packages. Constant communication with clients is yet another factor that Resume Prime brags about, believing that this assures updates and completion of the project. The company also offers other essential application tools that are proven effective to successfully dominate the tough job market. Seeing Resume Prime on top of the list in the near future is definitely not a surprise for it has the potential to outshine other resume writing service providers. Truly, it is a promising contender with a bright future in the industry of resume writing.


Career solutions is a specialist in career coaching. Nevertheless, they also offer a nice resume package that can paint a good picture of your professional background. The package will depend on your career level, years of experience and the resume’s complexity. You will also receive your resume within 5-7 days. Package prices are not specified on their web site.If you’re more into professional career advice, it could provide you the information you need and furnish a good copy of resume in just one stop.


All Star Resume
Considering the categories of job seekers who have “varying needs” in today’s tough job market, All Star Resume comes up with six business segments and offers six resume packages, namely: student, recent grad, mid-level, executive, federal, and military conversion. The selections sound unique, but these are actually the same resume categories that most resume writing companies also specialize in. With these, All Star Resume may find it hard to prove its edge on the market that easily. The company, however, makes it on the fourth rank because of its ability to provide “focused” application documents based on the evaluation and recommendation from its consultants. It tries to deliver the best possible service despite criticisms that challenge its claims of providing focus on the target industry/sector of a client, which has been alleged of being vague at all. Currently, it also offers creation, writing, and editing of cover letters, recommender lists, and thank you notes.


Resume Plus is ideal for basic job hunters, like recent graduates who don’t have much work history yet. Their resumes are effective in communicating the person’s values and traits that are ideal for the job. On the down side though, the company doesn’t specialize and some resumes bear resemblance with templates. In a separate package, the company can also create supporting documents, personal branding statement, executive career biography, federal resume, curriculum vitae, and many others.


Resumes Guaranteed is confident that they provide an exceptional service by guaranteeing that a client will definitely be hired with the resume they create. The company claims that it is the only resume service provider that promises an assurance of employment within 60 days after receipt of the output. Well, Resumes Guaranteed’s may be delivering an excellent service and may be true to their promise, but the company isn’t alone because certainly there are also other resume writing companies that do such thing. A claim will always remain unverified unless proven by personal experience. Reviewing the sample resumes posted on their web site, it is noticeable that there are no remarkable qualities on them in terms of the layout and appearance. Additionally, inclusion of obsolete sections is evident. These may be considerable factors that affect people’s personal judgment in getting online services from them.


Keraijen Resume Writing
This Australia-based company has a wide variety of resume packages. However, they specialize for applicants in fields of education and training. Keraijen Resume Writing is focused on minimizing the client’s weaknesses and highlighting his key strengths. Although good for expressing skills, the company’s weakness lies on their plain presentation and writing style. Their services are best for fresh grads and career changers pursuing teaching, counseling, or mentoring.


Like any other resume writing companies, Resume Wizards offer a variety of resumes categorized accordingly. The company brags about the accomplishments and abilities of its founder as a career specialist. While this is a good thing for the company, many job seekers, however, may still have hesitations in getting its services since such expertise is never a guarantee (for clients) of getting an interview and subsequently obtain the desired job.
The selection of general resume writing packages is offered in quite reasonable prices.


Resume Writers cater to all job hunters in general. Though it’s a nice thing to be able to provide to a wide range of professionals, it’s another thing to have no particular industry in focus. What we immediately noticed about The Resume Writers that the pricing is a bit higher but the final outputs aren’t providing much impact for the value. The company highly promotes it’s free resume re-writing if you didn’t get an interview in 2 months. It might be well to try for job candidates who want another option for resume writing.


The company offers customized resumes that come in four different packages with quite expensive prices ranging from $367 to $867. Through the sample resumes that can be downloaded from its web site, it is noticeable that its resumes do not go beyond the typical structure and appearance of an advanced resume. However, clients are usually amazed with how every document highlights aspirant’s skills, strengths, and accomplishments in every section of the document the company produces. While many job seekers are intrigued and interested about its one-on-one telephone conversation with an aim to support the resume writing process, many are discouraged due to expensive cost of services, process of taking orders, and turnaround time for the delivery of the output. If improved, Chapman has the potential to rank higher in the future.