10 Horrible Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Loved Ones


Shopping for holiday presents is fun, but it can be exhausting when you have no idea of what kind of gift you should buy. If you don’t know what kind of present you should give to a particular person, stick with the casual yet personalized ones. More importantly, avoid these top 10 worst Christmas gifts – or it will turn your holiday spirit into a nightmare.

Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

1. Picture Frame

Many of us think that giving picture frames as a Christmas present is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s one of the most underappreciated gift items. According to College Candy contributor Jenn Inzetta, the picture frame is “always something ridiculous,” which one may find difficult to match in the room.

We suggest you personalize the frame and insert a photo of you together. That way, your recipient will be thrilled with your thoughtfulness and creativity.

2. Underwear

In our previous article, we have suggested not to get personal when it comes to buying a gift. Doesn’t matter if that person is your boss or a close colleague; any gift item that “touches the body” won’t make an ideal present. Plus, it’s creepy and awkward in many ways.

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater

One of the worst Christmas gifts, which people wish didn’t exist is the Christmas sweater. Regardless of how “cute” or cozy it looks, just cross it out from your list. Obviously, it won’t be useful after winter.

4. Chamber Pot

One question: Why?

5. Scented Candle

There’s nothing wrong with scented candles. But it can be an awkward holiday present if you choose the wrong scent. Avoid fragrances that are too flowery or too sweet, as it may make your recipient sick. Soft-scented candles like ocean breeze or lavender will work just fine.

6. Calendar

I hope that modern technology will remind you enough that giving a calendar as a gift will make them wish you gave a planner instead.

7. Wall Clock or Alarm Clock

We repeat, modern technology!

8. Weighing Scale

By all means, never include weighing scale to your holiday gift list. Your recipient may think you want them to watch over their weight, which is as offensive and it’s awkward.

9. Tissue Dispenser

A small trash bin will be cuter and more useful. Thanks!

10. And Last, Cross-Stitch Portrait


Even though we tagged these items as ”the top 10 worst Christmas gifts”, you may still give any of these to that person if you know they will still appreciate it. After all, Christmas should not be mainly about receiving gifts. This is the time when we should celebrate the birth of our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ.

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