The ABC of Your Resume Content


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By: Christine Wilson

The ABC’s of Your Resume ContentWriting your own resume may be tough, especially if you’d do it for the first time. Besides knowing what information to include and exclude, you have to follow certain sets of instructions. Yet, even if you’re aware of the guidelines, the things you should include in your resume may still confuse you. To help you remember the basic and most important contents of your resume, here’s a simple ABC on writing your resume:

Resume Contents to Include

A – Abilities

Of course, you must put your skills and abilities in your summary. But you should choose only the skills relevant to the post you want to pursue. You don’t want to bore the hiring manager with your jet skiing, trekking, and analytical skills when the job you’re applying for requires organizational, researching, and writing skills.

B – Background

Every resume should include a professional background. If you, however, are a fresh graduate and do not have any professional experiences yet, you can include your educational background as well as a list of the trainings and seminars you have attended or participated in the past. These will serve as a sufficient background for your character, interests, and skills. Keep in mind that these are necessary to enable the hiring manager to get to know you better in the pre-interview stage.

C – Competency

To complete your resume, include a list of your competencies and accomplishments. These are also considered as the strong points of your resume, so you should write this part carefully. Your competencies will help the hiring manager make his/her final decision on inviting you for an interview. So be sure to include all relevant competencies in your resume, especially in the qualifications summary section.

Although some parts of a resume are similar for all types of resumes and applicants, it is still better to have your resume personalized and specific to the job position you are applying for. However, don’t forget the ABCs of its contents to ensure that your resume is well written.

Christine Wilson works for a corporate advertising agency that mainly deals with personal branding and personality marketing.