When You Start Hating Your Job…

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What do you do when you reached the point where you can’t stand your job any longer? Do you immediately resign? This matter is difficult to deal with, especially when you are faced with tons of bills to pay. With massive layoffs looming as a result of recession, you must think twice and hold back any thoughts of quitting your … Read More

Pursuing a Successful Career Change

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The job market has become extremely competitive especially in today’s fast-faced environment. All it takes to get ahead is to seriously make a plan. This must not be a mere hasty plan, but a comprehensive well-thought plan. This must help you have a sense of direction and motivation. Do not be reluctant to develop a set of goals merely due … Read More

How to Successfully Find a Job During Recession

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Unemployment rate has drastically increased at the present time. This is something unavoidable considering the current global financial crisis. Countless numbers of well-established companies are forced to downsize and trim down the number of their employee in order to impede the drastic effects it can pose to the business. There are thousands of competitive employees who were booted out from … Read More

Dealing with Job Dissatisfaction

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A recent survey claimed that job dissatisfaction among workers is high and increasing. The phenomenon is so prevalent that it encompasses a wide range of age groups and income brackets. It reported that approximately half of them are satisfied, while the other half is not. In recent years, overall satisfaction rates have sharply declined, with about 40 to 50 percent … Read More

12 Ways to Impress Your Boss

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How can you impress your boss without looking as if you’re trying too hard? Workplace leaders are hard to please for a reason — they look up to work quality as their major standard. So, if you want to impress them, here are some simple and effective ways that get you great results in the long run:   1. Do what … Read More