How to Survive and Thrive After Job Loss During Coronavirus Pandemic

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As coronavirus cases grow, the global economy suffers, too. The pandemic hurts businesses and employees. When we need to secure our resources during lockdown, how can we afford to lose our jobs?

The news reports on an increasing number of deaths and infected patients. We get a glimpse of hope in this fight to contain the virus with news on a growing number of patients who have recovered from the sickness. This is followed by reports on how our front liners are diligently working to combat the enemy we don’t see, as well as developments on finding the cure to defeat coronavirus. Apparently, it will still take some time before we see the curve flattened.

While we watch and wait from the comforts of our own home on how and when can we all go back to our “normal” lives, we also wake up to news about company shutdowns and layoffs. It has a drastic domino effect on both businesses and the job market. However difficult, no owners want to close their business and eventually render any of its employees jobless at this hard time. But company closures and job loss are inevitable. They are part of the current realities we all have to deal with.

If you are one of those who became unemployed during the pandemic, don’t let the virus kill your hope. You, too, can survive and thrive.

1.   The virus aims to destroy, but you are meant to persevere.

Coronavirus affects so many people worldwide. This is not the first time that you will have to face a seemingly tough problem. Remember how you were able to survive those past struggles in your finances, health, relationships, and in many other personal issues? You are meant to persevere. Now is the perfect time to put on the mindset and attitude again when you overcame your challenges before. An unhealthy way of thinking can destroy a person way faster than the toughest of all virus.

2.   The virus can’t lockdown your skills and learning opportunities.

Your daily grind may have deprived you of some quality time to pursue other skills. Now is the time to learn more. The Internet has a myriad of resources to teach you other skills. What about learning to cook your favorite dish out of a few ingredients? How about giving yourself some time to learn to play a guitar? Are you into arts and crafts? Go around your house and pick up the potential art materials that may need to be repurposed into something else. We can always be productive and fruitful at home.

If you want to master your current skill set, say for instance writing, speaking, data analysis, web design and development, teaching  – even if you were retrenched, just do it. Keep honing it. Be still so good at your craft as if you were not out of work for a while.  Take advantage of online tutorial, webinar, podcast, e-book, and all the free materials out there. Other companies or opportunities may open for you once this pandemic is over. Believe that good things will always come.

3.   The virus can’t keep you unemployed.

You read that one correctly. Your job may have shutdown but it doesn’t mean that all employment opportunities are closing, too. Ever heard of online or freelance jobs that can be done at home? How beneficial are these jobs nowadays! There are more than a dozen of job search sites where you can build up your online profile and resume such as Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, LinkUp, and Dice to name just a few. Every bit of help on how to successfully navigate through their websites are detailed there.

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Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

If you’re worried that your skills are  not enough, don’t give up still. Conduct an inventory of your current skills. Let’s say you recently worked as an administrative assistant. Identify the skills that you have acquired. These may include writing, speaking, customer service, data entry, research, and email management. They are the same skills that employers online will look for. Did you know that virtual assistants are very in demand online? Employers mostly prefer those who have actual work experience in a corporate setup?

Online job opportunities abound even before the coronavirus pandemic came. The skills you have learned from your past work experiences can be arranged and organized to find you a new job. Give yourself some time to revamp your old resume. You can do it by yourself with the help of all online resources. The process may be tedious, but you will surely learn a lot of things along the way.

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