Top 9 Productivity Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Time Well

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Perhaps a busy person like you wishes to add more hours to the usual 24-hour to cater all your errands. Maybe you’d like to duplicate your body to complete office tasks and finish important duties you left at home. Employees are always pressed for time and we need productivity tools to help us do more in lesser time. Time sets our work duration thus, how we spend our time impacts our career advancement. Good thing, we do not have to look any further, because the answer is in our mobile phones. Installing productivity apps right in your mobile phone or in your desktop computer is the best decision to boost your productivity.

In today’s era, we use our smartphones most of the time. With its indispensable uses to help people communicate, learn, and enjoy, experts developed various apps and tools to teach us how to be productive. Productivity apps serve as an aid to help us become productive and use our time efficiently. Therefore, Best10ResumeWriters rounded up a list of top productivity apps for Android, iOS, and web 2021 apps.

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Nine Best Productivity Apps to Help You Manage Your Errands


First on our list is the Forest app. This app is best for those who easily get distracted to mobile phones and wound up getting glued to it for the rest of the day. Forest temporarily avoids you to touch your phone. Checking your mobile phone often waste the time you should’ve given to finish your tasks. It works by setting a timer, which serves as the Pomodoro technique and then put your phone down. Restrict yourself to touch your phone without a valid reason so the tree won’t wither. Stick to your errands and focus on tasks that are more important. If you succeed, you grow a tree. Does it sound exciting? You finish your task on time and get the chance to build a forest.


Are you looking for productivity apps that you can use to manage your errands or organize your tasks according to their level of importance? With Trello, you can label your cards and list the tasks that you need to do. Aside from the tasks, you can also use this app as a managerial tool to assign errands to your small team. However, the Trello App is great for managing your errands and productivity.


If you like to track your achievements per week or just track how well you’ve been doing, the Stride app is a good choice. You can set your own weekly goal and challenge yourself. Aside from motivating you to finish tasks and spend your time in a productive manner, you can see statistic results of how far and productive you were in the past week. This is also one of the best apps for employees to create sets of habits like fitness goals and work errands.


The Wunderlist app allows an easy management of your tasks in a list. Although listing is a popular technique for managing personal tasks, Wunderlist synchronizes all your personal gadgets so you can access your tasks and to-do list anytime, anywhere. Lastly, Wunderlist also keeps track of how long you’ve committed to finishing your errands.


Multitasking may sound awesome; however, you must master the art of focusing on one task at a time. Productivity apps that use Pomodoro technique enhance your drive to finish a task and stay motivated to finish an errand. On top of that, you can track and see your progress duration in a specific task.


Evernote is one of the popular productivity apps that most people use in organizing their errands. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily check the tasks you need to do. It’s also the best app for artists who are on the go. Since Evernote lets them scribe, sketch, and attach recordings to help them record everything.


If you want a productivity app that matches your mood, Headspace is your best choice. While organizing your tasks within the day, you can choose from a wide range of themed sessions you can use. Aside from its friendly interface, you can also use bite-sized meditations in case of a busy schedule and loaded errands. Also, if you think you are having a meltdown, Headspace got you covered with SOS exercises to cool you down.


Every year, you tend to realize how important it is to form new habits and throw away the old ones that make you less productive. Habitify is one of the productivity apps that pushes you to hone and stick to your improved habits. It has an engaging interface and offers an easy-to-use navigation. Its attracting features will motivate you to stick with your habits and cross out the negative ones.


Aside from working, employees eventually tend to seek time to unwind. And Picniic app lets you stay productive while taking a break. It’s best in crunching down your important errands and special events to attend. It has a very pleasant interface, which gives you an organized visual output of your tasks.

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Time management and discipline are factors that affect how you productively finish your errands. Productivity apps are tools you can use to maximize your effort and spend your free time productively. Do you find this article useful in looking for the best productivity apps you should install in your phone? Find more write-ups that are comprehensive in our blog page.