Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Working Mother


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Today, women are no longer confined to old norms. We no longer see them as stay-at-home moms with stereotyped tasks. In the past, we define motherhood whose lifelong goals are to take care of the children and do household chores alone. However, women around the globe fought for the freedom we have today. They now embrace the world of professionals to contribute to our economy. Also, they prove that they can still compete in the job market. But still, many people have mixed feelings about this subject. Some believe that mothers should stay at home and tend to their child/children’s needs. While others say, “You go, Momma!” What then are the perks and drawbacks of being a working mom?

To fully understand the issue, here are the pros and cons of being a working mom:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Working Mom



Positive Role Models – Working moms inspire their daughters to think of having a fruitful career in the future and not just grow up, get married, and have kids. Hence, their offsprings, especially daughters, grow with a strong mindset to dream more.

Raise Independent Children – They teach their children to become responsible and independent in doing household chores at an early age. Also, working moms impart different values to help their kids have integrity and ethics.

Less Prone to Have Depression – According to Robert Locke, health enthusiast and contributor in Lifehack, stay-at-home mothers are likely to suffer from depression. Thus, in turn, affects children as they grow up. So, it’s a good thing that working moms can combat depression and anxiety in their own way.

Value Quality Time with Their Children – They mostly switch off their devices the moment they get home to spend time with their children. Yes, it’s an advantage because they focus more on watching their kids grow and have quality time with their partner.

Happier Relationships – Many working wives have stronger relationships with their spouses. Since they know how to manage their priorities and value efforts, appreciating their partners

Independent – Single working moms don’t need a man to fulfill her and her child’s necessities; she provides for everything they need.

Get Their Children Extra Facilities – Working wives support their husbands in financial matters, which will provide their children with better facilities.

Show More Love to Their Children – They are eager to go home from work to spend time with their children, making them more affectionate and loving.

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Always Tired – A working mom’s life is like having two jobs without extra pay. They work 9 hours, suffer through the commute, and go home to restless children who need attention.

Prone to Health Issues – Having the same daily routine with little or no rest can put a mother’s health at risk, which can result in more problems.

Children are Left Alone or with Bad Company – Children who lack a mother’s guidance are prone to falling in bad cliques.

Unable to Attend Important School Meetings – Their unavailability to attend significant school events like “Family Day” can cause inferiority to both mother and child.

Miss Out – Some working moms miss out on the opportunity to witness their child’s first word, first step, and other once-in-a-lifetime moments. Thus, it’s a drawback that a working mom faces supporting her family.

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