How to Create the Perfect Resume for Long-Term Unemployed


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Have you been jobless for over six months now? You are not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that as of December 2017, about 1.5 million were long-term unemployed or jobless for 27 weeks or more. Sadly, the agency also thinks that employment becomes bleaker the longer you are out of the labor force. But do not worry; with the proper resume writing approach, we can help you compete with the tough job market and gain recruiters’ attention. Follow this perfect resume guide to help increase your hiring chances.

The Perfect Resume Guide to End Your Joblessness

Do you want to keep abreast or even outrun other job seekers despite your work history issues? Heed the following tips in creating a perfect resume for long-term unemployed applicants.

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1. Acknowledge the gaps in your work history.

Due to the recession, employment gaps are no longer a red flag but a commonplace in the job market. Thus, if you have been idle for months, you still have a better chance of getting an interview. Just be honest and refrain from covering them up. As they handle hundreds of resumes a day, recruiters and hiring managers can detect such inconsistencies in a glance. Hence, you cannot fool them no matter how well you have hidden your employment gaps in your application.

2. Choose a hybrid resume format.

Though you need to recognize these gaps in your resume, you should refrain from stressing your joblessness on your document, too. Instead of writing your work history in a chronological format, use the hybrid format. Combine the best features of chronological and functional resumes and highlight your relevant skills while still providing enough info about your work history.

3. Stay productive.

While it is never wrong to have fun while waiting for an interview or a job offer, remember that every second count. Thus, be productive during your idle time. Find yourself a relevant activity where you can gain further experience and/or learn a new skill. Do volunteer works, learn a new computer program, or study a foreign language. These can fill up your resume gaps and assure employers that you can handle the transition smoothly.

4. Update your terminologies.

Same with outdated skills, using out-of-date terms in your resume can damage your hiring chances. This holds true for fast-paced industries like IT and digital marketing. To learn the latest terms in your target industry, review your target employer’s job post and identify vital keywords or phrases you can use in your resume.

5. Target your resume.

One-size-fits-all resumes no longer work well with most employers these days. Most firms now prefer targeted applications that can fit perfectly to the skills or credentials they look for in a candidate. However, simply highlighting the sections may not be enough to pass their ATS or capture their interests. You need to customize your resume and tailor your skills to the job you are pursuing. Take time to understand the employer’s job description and revise your resume bringing to light the skills or experiences that would seize their attention.

6. Expand your professional network.

Send your resume to people who have links to your target firms. Let them know your profession, your current job status, and your target post. Take advantage of social media and connect with people who are working in a similar industry you are going after. In addition, you may attend networking events or join professional organizations so you can meet more people who may lead you to great job openings or career opportunities.

7. Improve your outlook.

Never lose hope nor blame yourself. Stress and anxiety will not do you any good and may even make your situation worse. Employers can easily sense these negative vibes and this can lower your hiring chances. Stay positive. Read books and blogs on how to handle job search frustrations during your free time. You can also join clubs where you can find mutual support and great advice from people who have experienced or survived your situation.

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