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Top 10 Fun Office Game Ideas to Try in the Workplace

As a job seeker, you need to be ready not only with your current job search but also with the things that may happen once you get hired. Know that employment may require workers to attend various events and join many activities. Even if you’re an introvert person, you will have to go to gatherings and parties to celebrate an occasion or a milestone. To give you hints on how firms make celebrations extra fun, read on.

Office parties will never be exciting without games, especially during Christmas season. Besides, they’re an awesome way to break the ice and encourage employees to mingle with their colleagues. Here are a few office game ideas that will surely liven up a party.

Office Game Concepts to Try

1. Pin Rudolph’s Red Nose

– A printout or drawing of Rudolph
– Pieces of round red paper
– Double adhesive tape
– Blindfold

This game is a fun office Christmas party amusement that will crack up everyone. To begin, choose five participants and give each one a reindeer’s nose (made from paper cut-out). Then, blindfold and spin them 10 times. After these, tell them to pin the nose on Rudolph. Finally, whoever among them pins the red nose closest to where it should win.

2. Fill the Christmas Stocking

– Spoons
– Clean socks
– Candies

Five or more participants in each team will race through the obstacles to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candies. Then, the first team to fill the sock wins.

3. Snowman Wrapping Game

– Toilet papers

Form two teams of five persons each. Then, instruct the players to wrap their “snowman” in toilet paper. The first or rather the best group to wrap and decorate the snowman will get the prize.

4. Human Christmas Tree

– Green crepe paper
– Ornaments or any Christmas decor each team can find

Members of three teams will wrap their human Christmas tree in green crepe paper and decorate him/her with ornaments or anything they can find. Then, in the end, the team with the best decorated human Christmas tree wins.

5. Snowman Building Contest

Have three teams take part, and then the group that builds the most unique snowman in the shortest span of time wins.

6. Family Feud: Christmas Special

This should be homemade, Christmas-themed after the popular game show, “Family Feud.”

7. Ornament on a Spoon

– Round ornaments
– Spoons
– Chairs

Instead of balancing an egg, three team participants will balance a Christmas tree ornament on a spoon. The first team to complete the rounds while running around the obstacle, with the ornament still on their spoon, wins.

8. Santa Limbo

– Pillows
– Limbo stick

Have five participants do the limbo, but add a twist by putting a “Santa belly” under their shirt using a pillow. Further, to pick the winner, the only person who makes it through the last round without his/her belly touching the limbo stick wins.

9. Blindfold Christmas Drawing

– Pen
– Paper
– Blindfold

Divide 10 players into pairs. Then, the partner with the blindfold in each pair will draw a Christmas tree on a paper while his/her partner gives or tells him/her the directions. The Christmas tree should rather have ornaments and a star. Finally, the pair that draws the best Christmas tree will get the prize.

10. Ornament Guess

Ask all the guests to join and roughly guess the total sum of ornaments on the Christmas tree. In effect, the one with the closest guess wins.

So, have you ever tried any of these office party games, or do you know other enjoyable office Christmas party games ideas?

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