How We Review the Best Resume Writing Companies

We do not base our ranking on superstitions and fallacies. At Best 10 Resume Writers, we give accurate results based on realistic methodology and criteria for your job application needs. To serve you better, we take time to study and research on our review methodology and criteria:

review methodology

Quality – The products and services offered by a resume writing company should meet or exceed the needs and expectations of client. The selection of packages should include several perks for the benefits of buyers.

Customer Service

Customer Service – Communication is vital to the success of the service provider and its clients. Means to communicate effectively are essential in every aspect of an operation. They should be available and accessible at all times for customer/prospective customer use.

Service Delivery

Delivery – Service completion should always be as what client expects. Speed and quality of delivery should meet or even exceed customer expectations.

Payment System

Payment System – The service provider should be able to give clients flexible payment options. Its website should detail the options available.

Web Site

Web Site Usability – A user-friendly web site filled with useful pieces of information can help customers find out more about the company and its line of services. It should be easy to access and must contain relevant content to encourage prospective customers and return visits.

We also consider other related factors. Some marketing approaches or SEO tactics can describe a web site positively. They can hide the the poor quality of service. Given this, we dig deep into all the necessary factors that can fairly give the rightful recognition to all the companies deserving of a slot in our list.