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Lost in the jungle of corporate postings and long applicant queues? Best 10 Resume Writers believes these things can help you get out of it and find a career:



             1.   Identify your competitive edge

This is the very first thing you must know in your job hunt: What do you have that others don’t? Simple query, but definitely one of the hardest to answer. The truth is, employers will ask you, “Why should we hire you?” And you should not give a generic answer that can describe another person. The trick here is to recall your past achievements, expertise, and skills. While any company can find a person who has “good persuasive skills,” it is rare to find an applicant who has “won intercollegiate debates for three consecutive years.” The statement of your achievements, not your skills, will explain why you are outstanding among the rest.

             2.   Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Here’s what everybody does: they look for job ads on newspapers, online postings, and flyers then they’ll apply. It’s the reactive way to get a career. And guess what, it makes their chances pretty slim. But how about companies that are still trying to decide whether to hire or not? Seldom do people go in their place and sell themselves. Why not try this: Come to an office where there are no posting for the career of your choice, tell why they need you and how you can help them, then inform that you’re available should they decide to open a post that suited you. Wonderful, isn’t it? You have better chances than those people waiting on the long queue to the recruitment office.

             3.   Selling online works, searching online don’t

While it is very true that employers will look you up in Google and social media sites, that doesn’t mean that they can find you there just when they need it. First, you are being searched by the employer because you applied to them and they want to find out more about you. Second, you can’t expect busy people to respond to online applications too quickly (if at all), especially when there are many jobseekers who are taking efforts to meet them personally. Don’t get lazy, drop by their office and shake hands.

            4.   Customize your application

There will be a hundred reasons why you should make your resume targeted. Best 10 Resume Writers advise all job hunters to create a special and customized resume for each company and post they apply to. Some skills you put in one application may not be applicable for another different post and job description. This will not only bring out your competitive edge, it will also reflect you as a potential fit for the post. In this age of tough competition, one cannot afford to be a cookie cutter, generic applicant. Just qualifying isn’t enough, you need to show potential.

           5.   Grow a network

Your network is one of the most powerful gears to find a job that best fits you. You may grow your professional network by keeping in touch with the people you meet along the way, like asking the employees of a prospective company if you could add them in LinkedIn. Interaction is very important in creating professional ties, so better communicate with them constantly. When they know of a good post that might suit you, they will definitely inform you, sometimes, even recommend you. Be genuine in your intent to them. Best 10 Resume Writers believes that the key to a good network is making things mutually beneficial for both sides.

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