Fight Job Search Depression, the Avengers Way!

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Fight Job Search Depression

If you’ve already watched Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, you must have heard what Thanos said—“I know what it’s like to lose; to feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless.” Even super villains experience depression. However, did you know that Thanos owns the secrets in overcoming your job search depression? Likewise, did you know the Avengers could help you find the sources and tips to fight job search frustration?

What Are the Sources of Job Search Depression

job search depression
The Avengers were not perfect beings; they have weaknesses of their own. However, they did not dwell on them. Instead, they powered up to defend the universe. Before you fully embrace your strength, you must first defeat the sources of your job search frustration.


If you’re tired of frustrating job search, how does your experience measure to Loki’s, the God of Mischief? Despite not becoming the King of Asgard, he coped up with his rejection, and worked alongside his brother, Thor.

Negative Emotions

You lost a job but it’s not the end of the world. If you think depression while job hunting is a curse you have to live with, you must still rise to save your world. Try to channel Thor, God of Thunder, who remained emotionally strong even after he lost his home, his realm, and his brother.


You need not be ashamed if you’re not the strongest man you envision yourself to be. Bruce Banner still fought in the war even though Hulk refused to take the call.

Loss of Personal Control

If your world just turned upside-down because you lost grip of your life, remember Captain America. Just imagine Cap fighting for good cause while taking in control of his personal life, too.

Financial Strain

Tony Stark, tech-genius billionaire, would be the first to tell you that money will not solve your problems. While you acknowledge job search frustration, you should not stress yourself on it. Look for the Pepper Potts of your life to support you in this chapter of your life.

Uncertainty of Finding a Job

If you’re having job search frustration, you may relate to Scarlet Witch. It’s difficult to decide; should you stay at home or leave the house? Will you sacrifice your loved one for the sake of humanity? You must choose the right decision.

How to Overcome Depression: Avengers, Assemble!

job search depression

Are you looking for ways on how to stay motivated when looking for a job? Encourage yourself with these techniques courtesy of the Avengers.


Imitate Dr. Strange and try to see the many outcomes of your success. You may come up with 14,000,605 options, but you must set a game plan of your activities. Create a journal to track your progress.


Stay fit like Black Widow, so you can conserve energy needed to face challenges. Exercise at every opportunity. Wake up early! Take care of yourself.


It pays to have a support group during job search depression. Share your fears with them, without fear of judgment. Remember, Gamora turned to Star Lord when she worried she might fail her mission.


Don’t shy away in volunteering and building networks, prepare which direction your next job may come. Check out Groot, even when he joined by accident; he became instrumental in creating Thor’s new hammer, the Stormbreaker.


Avoid negative thoughts. Train yourself to be in a sales mindset. Garner feedback on how to overcome job search frustration. Reading the intellect like how Mantis does can improve your hiring chances. Learn the secrets they may show to help you achieve success.

Attitude Building

You should assess your status. Learn from your mistakes. Sustain a positive outlook. No matter how Stark thinks Parker is not yet ready, Iron Man hailed Spiderman as “The kid’s seen more movies”, which defeated Ebony Maw. Stay positive! Consider yourself as an Avenger in the workplace, just as Peter did.

Reclaim the Infinity Stones to Escape Job Search Depression
job search depression

Manipulate matter with the Reality Stone to discover the best job niche for you! Maximize time with the Time Stone to research on the position and company profile that best fits you. Invite hiring managers and former employees of your dream jobs for informational interviews with the Mind Stone. Fuel up your letters addressed to hiring managers using the Power Stone to convince them you’re the best choice for the job! Widen your networks using the Space Stone. You must be open to any network that gives you an opportunity to find work. Let go of your old self and offer it to the Soul Stone so you can renew your career with a bright future ahead of you.

Are you now ready to defeat your version of Thanos, namely job search depression? If you need reinforcements on revamping your resume, don’t worry, Captain Marvel is on her way. Check our reviews top resume writing service providers.


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