Five Funny and Weird Real-Life Job Interview Stories


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Is the awkward five-second silence your worst job interview experience? You might have not heard enough tales. Check this list and amaze yourself with odd and funny job interview stories from Buzzfeed and Snagajob.

Strange and Funny Job Interview Stories

1. The Wrong Seat

the wrong seat, one of the funny job interview stories

Image from Florida Institute of Technology

A job hunter named Beverly recalled her experience of entering a vacant room before her job interview. Apparently, the company’s receptionist directed her to the room to fill in an application form. Presuming the discussion will happen in a different room, she slumped onto the executive chair while completing the paper. To her surprise, the interviewer entered the room and proceeded with the interview. He occupied the guest’s chair as Beverly was already sitting on the boss’ chair. While Beverly was confident that she answered the questions perfectly, the awkwardness she felt was enough to bury her coolness and composure to her seat.

2. The Frozen Stunt

The frozen stunt: job interview stories

Image from RIVS

Applicant tiffanyt4bd80ade1 had a video interview with a prominent company. Using computer-assisted self-interview software, she answered the questions and recorded her responses for sending to the management. In one question, however, she ran out of words to say, so she stood still and stared without blinking for 15 seconds, as if the video froze. Without that lapse, she could have enjoyed this job opportunity.

3. The Subway Rush

the subway rush: job interview stories

Image from Well, This Is What I Think

Lynzi E shared her weird experience on how she got the job at Subway. Contrary to enduring a tough interview or answering a difficult exam, she only needed to respond to the company’s frantic text message inviting her to visit the office and bring a green shirt to become a crewmember. Judging the content of the message, Subway was on a “non-stop rush” that it blasted the text message announcing the bizarre recruitment.

4. The Awkward Silence

The awkward silence: job interview stories

Image from 10MINDS LLC

Hoping to switch to another department, user hannas4eb7595c0, who was then working for her school’s library, had an interview with the director. During their small talk, she spotted a picture of a woman and a dog on his desk. She gestured toward the frame and asked, “Is that an Irish Setter?” Thinking hannas4eb7595c0 was referring to the woman; the director looked, paused, and with a serious face said, “No, that’s my wife.” He did not smile nor laugh. She did the same and a long awkward silence followed, but she landed the job.

5. The Hot Initiation

the hot initiation: job interview stories

Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Part of Cyndi B’s job interview was to join her potential co-workers in the admin department for lunch. They went to a small café in Louisiana and ordered boiled crawfish. It came in with a bib, a tray for the tails, and a big glass of tea. A first-timer, she observed and imitated how they stripped, beheaded, and munched the food. She eventually learned the bib’s purpose and tasted the spicy flavor of the crawfish.

To prove her worth, however, her future colleagues told her to suck the crawfish’s head with eyes and whiskers intact. She obeyed and swallowed the crawfish whole. The group cheered thinking she did the challenge when in fact she just wrapped the crawfish in napkins inside her purse. Though Cyndi nailed the job because of her first-rate skills, it helped that she blended well with her future teammates and displayed her good social skills during the first meeting.

Job-hunting can sure exhaust people with stress and anxiety, but these bizarre and funny job interview stories prove it can entertain, too.

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