A Different Way of Looking at Jobs and Career

A Different Way of Looking at Jobs and CareerWhen thinking of career ideas, many people still accept the belief that being employed is the only way to make a living. Some career experts argue that this thinking is no longer true and relevant today, especially in this fast-changing world.

This bold statement may be upsetting and unacceptable for some people, but rare individuals have suggested and proved this by daring to take a different path despite the risks involved.

Mind conditioning

Our years of university or college education have taught us that in order to gain financial security, one need to apply for, and obtain, a job. It has been a way of life since the time when our parents were young, and everyone are conditioned to believe this.

Old social norms are trying to overemphasize the significance of full-time employment to people, hinting that those who are otherwise are of less value.

Are you really secured working for someone else?

The problem with being an employee is you have no control over situations like job termination or mass layoffs. In a sudden rush of circumstances, jobs are lost and lifestyles are disrupted. This can happen anytime to anyone.

Worries and What-ifs of Your Career

Studies reveal that money, or the lack of it, is one of the root causes of domestic conflicts. Unemployment generates questions like:

“What if they are living on one source of income?”
“How do they plan to maintain their current lifestyle?”
“What if laid-off employees do not receive a job offer soon?”
“If an accident came up, what would happen if they cannot return to work?”
“What happens if their savings run out before they receive a job offer?”

Due to rapid changes in the workplace environment, however, such incidents can be stressful and worrisome at times, prompting some people to seek an exemption, if possible.

Jobs are not the sole way to make money, as there are other sources of income. Empowering and revolutionary career ideas are in fact waiting to be discovered.

Thus, there is a need to prepare, plan, and organize to avoid falling into such a depressing situation. There is a need to know how to identify legitimate work from home-based jobs and business opportunities. All you can start with is adapting the right attitude.

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