How to Choose among the Best Resume Writing Services Online

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Did you just finish college and are eager to land a job but resume writing isn’t your cup of tea? Maybe like other novice, you decided to hire professional resume writing services believing it’s the best choice to land a job. Oops, don’t enter into a deal just yet. Further, you may be naive to grasp the dangers of trusting … Read More

Professional Resume Writers Define KSAs, ECQs, TQs, MTQs, and PTQs

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Are you new to the federal application process? Did you know you’ll need well-written narratives to score an interview and land a federal job? Along with your resume and other requirements, also consider these narrative statements. To help you tell how KSAs, ECQs, PTQs, MTQs, and TQs differ, Best 10 Resume Writers has compiled the best descriptions from professional resume … Read More

10 Tips to Writing a Top Resume for Information Technology Careers

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You want to return to the workforce; however, a former job retrenchment prevents you. Did the hiatus make you doubt your skills; thus, requiring you to refresh your knowledge on information technology or IT? How can your application tool highlight your qualifications as you keep your recruiter’s eyes away from your employment gap? Here’s a list of effective tips in … Read More

Truths about Executive Resumes You Might Not Have Known

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By: Christine Wilson If you think executive resumes resemble the standard one, you are wrong. They are designed not only to show achievements. Instead, they should display the applicant’s qualifications. Executive resumes must indicate the applicant’s success in leadership in earlier positions and strategies that you may carry to the next job. In your executive resume, you should present an … Read More

Six Features Your First Resume and iPhone have In Common

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Comparing IPhone features to your first resume on top of a table

Who are not familiar with iPhone and its features? Who didn’t spend hours figuring out how they can make your life easier? Trust us, there are six features your first resume and your first iPhone have in common. Hence, scroll away and learn the how-to’s of crafting your first resume! Your First Resume as Your First iPhone Your career launch … Read More