How to Choose among the Best Resume Writing Services Online

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Did you just finish college and are eager to land a job but resume writing isn’t your cup of tea? Maybe like other novice, you decided to hire professional resume writing services believing it’s the best choice to land a job. Oops, don’t enter into a deal just yet. Further, you may be naive to grasp the dangers of trusting … Read More

Professional Resume Writers Define KSAs, ECQs, TQs, MTQs, and PTQs

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Are you new to the federal application process? Did you know you’ll need well-written narratives to score an interview and land a federal job? Along with your resume and other requirements, also consider these narrative statements. To help you tell how KSAs, ECQs, PTQs, MTQs, and TQs differ, Best 10 Resume Writers has compiled the best descriptions from professional resume … Read More

Skills on a Resume: What You Need to Land Machine Learning Jobs

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After artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning today is the one that’s generating a buzz across industries and technology. It’s becoming a household name, yet many are still clueless about it and its role in our personal and professional lives. Hence, to have a better understanding of machine learning, here’s a quick rundown of what you must know about it as … Read More

Are You Going for a Job or a Career?

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job or career

Which side are you signing up for, job or career? Whether you want to become a graphic designer, a preschool teacher, or a hotel owner, telling a “job” from a “career” is important. For your goals and self-fulfillment, pursuing a career is more meaningful compared to having a job to survive. Job or Career: The Key Difference Although we often … Read More

The Best among the Rest: Figuring Out Multiple Job Offers

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Multiple job offers being chosen by a woman on fork roads

Congratulations! It’s not every day several recruiters call and offer you a job. While multiple job offers is a record, deciding which to accept is a test. Will you pick the high salary one or the other with fast promotion? Your Road Map to Navigate Multiple Job Offers Time and again, we can say that we can’t treat every job … Read More