Skills on a Resume: What You Need to Land Machine Learning Jobs

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big data servers for machine learning

After artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning today is the one that’s generating a buzz across industries and technology. It’s becoming a household name, yet many are still clueless about it and its role in our personal and professional lives. Hence, to have a better understanding of machine learning, here’s a quick rundown of what you must know about it as … Read More

How Young Professionals Adapt in the Workplace

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working young professionals

Today’s era of young professionals must know what it’s like to grind in a work setting. Most newbies who aren’t ready to adapt to the work setting and culture fail. However, this new era of young pros is equipped with eagerness and passion to fuel their work goals. Gen Z newbies and millennial professionals face challenges that is necessary in … Read More

Are You Going for a Job or a Career?

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job or career

Which side are you signing up for, job or career? Whether you want to become a graphic designer, a preschool teacher, or a hotel owner, telling a “job” from a “career” is important. For your goals and self-fulfillment, pursuing a career is more meaningful compared to having a job to survive. Job or Career: The Key Difference Although we often … Read More

The Best Resume for a Successful Job Hunt

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best resume as a way to your success

These times, tough competition exists in the job market; and careers depend on the strength of their resumes. Hence, potential employers are on the lookout for the best resume. They use it to decide whether to schedule an interview or not. With this, you as the job applicant should provide convincing reasons why they should give you a call. Best … Read More

Fight Job Search Depression, the Avengers Way!

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Fight Job Search Depression

If you’ve already watched Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, you must have heard what Thanos said—“I know what it’s like to lose; to feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless.” Even super villains experience depression. However, did you know that Thanos owns the secrets in overcoming your job search depression? Likewise, did you know the Avengers could help … Read More