Certified Resume Writers: 5 Flags to Spot in Suspicious Resume Writing Services

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Your dedication to find a job or kick-start your career isn’t a guarantee you’ll land your dream job. There’ll always be roadblocks that delay you from reaching your goal. For job seekers, the first challenge is probably preparing their resume. Resume, as one of the most important tools in highlighting your assets, stirs your chances. Hence, it’s vital to prepare … Read More

10 Tips to Writing a Top Resume for Information Technology Careers

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You want to return to the workforce; however, a former job retrenchment prevents you. Did the hiatus make you doubt your skills; thus, requiring you to refresh your knowledge on information technology or IT? How can your application tool highlight your qualifications as you keep your recruiter’s eyes away from your employment gap? Here’s a list of effective tips in … Read More

Are You Going for a Job or a Career?

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Which side are you signing up for, job or career? Whether you want to become a graphic designer, a preschool teacher, or a hotel owner, telling a “job” from a “career” is important. For your goals and self-fulfillment, pursuing a career is more meaningful compared to having a job to survive. Job or Career: The Key Difference Although we often … Read More

Basic Rules to Follow When Applying for a Job Online

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Job applications have become more and more advanced. Not only do resumes enter a specific portal for shortlisting purposes, applicants don’t really need to exhaust themselves in visiting the office they want or dream of becoming part of since the advent of online job searches makes it easier for hiring managers to sort out the bad egg from the good … Read More

The Best Resume for a Successful Job Hunt

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best resume as a way to your success

These times, tough competition exists in the job market; and careers depend on the strength of their resumes. Hence, potential employers are on the lookout for the best resume. They use it to decide whether to schedule an interview or not. With this, you as the job applicant should provide convincing reasons why they should give you a call. Best … Read More