Finding Career Happiness with Your Passion

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Unlike most write-ups that argue over doing what you love and loving what you do, this article tells you that finding career happiness and job satisfaction can come from both roads. Since finding a job does not come easy; it can be a matter of choice and acceptance. Here’s a top tip: inspect each path’s humps and flats before braving a journey.

Finding Career Happiness by Doing What You Love

Heeding Confucius’ advice “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is great, but it’s not simple and easy. Pursuing your passion means doing what you enjoy. You don’t have to drag your feet to work knowing that you will deal with what makes you happy.

However, these professions often generate low to average income and require grit. For instance, being a teacher doesn’t have the highest salary rate and your students will surely test your passion for work. But for people who love to educate and want to share their knowledge and experiences, teaching is a fulfilling career regardless of compensation.

To guide you in finding your passion, try to answer these questions from

  1. If money was not an issue, what would you be doing?
  2. What is your favorite book or topic to discuss?
  3. What made you say, “I’d like to do that sometime”?
  4. Do you perform a task well that people notice you about?
  5. What things can relive the excitement you felt as a kid?

Once you have your answers, contemplate whether you want to make more money or pursue your newfound passion without thinking of high pay. Don’t quit your current job yet. Working with passion can give you satisfaction and fulfillment but it has its own downside. In the meantime, make it a side-job until you’re certain it will last.

Achieving Career Satisfaction by Loving What You Do

Learning to love what you do takes time but exerting an effort to do so is a safer and wiser choice than changing careers to pursue your passion. It’s not impossible to find meaning and success in your current job. Remember what Steve Jobs had said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

A study made by O.C. Tanner Institute and Forbes Insights have proven the said quotation. Researchers found that most respondents produce “Award-winning work” when they focus on doing things other people love. It’s possible to transform the work you hate (or you thought so) into a satisfying and meaningful job, especially when your focus is to make a difference on your work recipients.

Loving your job is one thing but the impact your job has on someone else is another. To know if you’re on the right track, here are the signs you love your job based on an article from Lifehack.

  1. Eight working hours is not enough to accomplish everything.
  2. You often look forward to the “Bigger Picture”.
  3. Mediocre work frustrates you.
  4. You talk about your work during breakfast and dinner.
  5. You feel like the day just started when it’s already lunchtime.
  6. The people around you inspire and encourage you.
  7. You relate your personal life with how you work inside the office.
  8. Sunday nights excite you.

Is There a Secret to Career Happiness?

There’s no secret formula for career happiness. It’s just a matter of accepting and making a firm stand of what you choose to do. Take failures as your fuel to boost your career and even get a promotion. On the other hand, if you think you are suffering from work stress, it’s best to seek help or find the root of the emerging problem. Whether you choose to change careers or not, Best10ResumeWriters is here to clear the way for you. For more write-ups on career advice and tips, visit our resources page.

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