Resume and Career Gurus and Their Different Approaches


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Career Coaches and their Resume GuidelinesA career coach is considered an expert in guiding careers into the right path. Struggling job applicants hire career coaches to give them professional insights on how to win the job application hunt or information on how to go up the corporate ladder.

One of the basic responsibilities of a career coach is their ability to refine resumes. Career coaches are specifically trained to identify a resume’s weakness and incorporate the document with strategies and approaches that will captivate the hiring manager’s attention.

Aside from empowering resumes, a hiring coach helps their clients by:

Impersonating an interviewer or hiring manager

Most career coaches have worked as hiring managers or human resource officers. They have this realistic experience in interviewing and studying applicants, which they then share with their clients.

When this happens, the career coach takes on the persona of a hiring manager or interviewer and simulates an interview with the client. By doing so, the client receives important questions, answers, and scenarios that actually take place inside the interview room.

Fine-tuning the client’s resume into different combinations and functions

As part of their career development expertise, career coaches have also learned valuable resume writing abilities that they impart to their clients. Career coaches are important strategists when it comes to refining a resume’s dull appearance to enhancing its content.

Aside from improving the resume’s basic elements, the career coach is also an expert in translating conventional resumes into different functional employment abstracts.

Sharing interview dos and don’ts

Career coaches are also knowledgeable about interview cultures. They know every single detail that their clients need to know in order to succeed inside and outside the interview room.

What clothes should I wear? Should I shake the interviewer’s hand or will I wait for them to shake my hands first? How can I combat pre-interview tremors? What is the best ice breaker that can help lighten the conversations? Career coaches know the most practical answers to these bewitching questions.

Empowering clients with words of encouragements

Despite the fact that today’s job market is still suffering from the 2008 economic downturn, career coaches enlighten their clients by showering them with confidence building remarks.

Career coaches do not simply guide careers. They actually spur their clients into forging a successful career out of their own. Their innate ability to encourage clients and their technical expertise makes them an important ally for job applicants struggling with their careers.


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