Best Places to Write a Resume


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There are factors why an individual cannot write an effective and worthy resume. These are:

  • Undesirable room structure;
  • Pungent smell emanating from another room;
  • Too much noise; and
  • Lack of room space

Studies show that these factors contribute to why experience and inexperienced individuals find it difficult to piece together a cohesive, compelling curriculum vitae. A room with no proper ventilation can drain the writer’s energy or make him/her lose focus because of the heat.

Best Writing Places

Here a few best writing places to write your personal portfolio because of the availability of certain objects that can boost the writer’s level of dedication in finishing the resume.

Public Library

A library is free against a barrage of noise present in open, outdoor establishments. The library has also resources that can guide the writer to finish the employment abstract in a rapid pace.


The kitchen is a more appropriate place to write the curriculum vitae than the living room. A writer can energize himself/herself with a few carbohydrate-rich snacks within arm’s reach. Unlike the living room, the kitchen is a more spacious part of the house that would enable the writer to prance around, salvage ideas, and percolate his/her mind.

Public Park

The sight of children playing in the sandbox or witness a father helping his son fly a kite is a soothing experience. The writer should pick a place rich in inspiration and a relaxing portrait of human kinetics.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops have this particularly warm and cozy atmosphere that allows guests to speak or think in a relaxed manner. The coffee shop will enable a writer to collect his/her thoughts without cacophonous disturbance. Also, the availability of a hot cup of coffee helps condition a frozen, numb mind.

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