Best Resume Writers This 2020

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020

To land the job you’ve always wanted, you need to write a compelling resume that represents you well. According to The Ladder, recruiters scan resumes for an average of six seconds only, subsequently deciding if an applicant fits for the job or not. This is called the 6-second test. To pass the test, your resume must contain details that will catch your prospective employer’s attention—letting them know your resume is worthy of their time.

Don’t know how to start? That’s where we come in. To help you skip the dreadful research of who provides the best resume writing services today, we reviewed different resume writing companies and ranked the best. Here’s a brief overview of the 10 best resume writers in 2020.

1.   Resume Professional Writers
2.   Resume Prime
3.   Resume Valley
4.   Capstone Resume Services
5.   Resume4Dummies
6.   Resumes Guaranteed
7.   Chapman Services
8.   BluePrint Resumes & Consulting
9.   Acclaimed Resumes
10. Resume Plus

Let this list serve as your guide in choosing the most reliable resume writing company. Moving ahead, below are in-depth reviews of the best resume writers, along with the crucial details you must not miss. We’ve also listed each of the company’s perks and fails to help you assess which one suits your demand the most.

1. Resume Professional Writers

Ever wondered why this company constantly ranks first? Well, aside from their unequaled ability to render exceptional resume writing services, they are also known for their reliable customer service. Also, this company vows to deliver a faster service—shortening their turnaround time from 2-3 business days to 1 business day—enabling a much faster transaction.

Most companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) nowadays, proving the demand for keyword-rich resumes. To ensure your resumes are highly marketable, this company produces ATS-friendly resumes, making sure each resume is specifically tailored to your target industry.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Professional Writers' homepage

Perks: This company is the only one who offers excellent resume writing services with a much faster turnaround time—undoubtedly proving that they deserve to rank first in this list. Despite numerous attempts of their competitors to ruin its image, the company remains steadfast, further refining aspects that need focus than allotting time on critiquing other companies.

Fails: They can deliver your resume in the speed of lightning. This allows you to maximize the rest of your time. However, this turnaround time excludes weekends and holidays.

Delivery Time: Most companies have a turnaround time of at least a week for the initial draft. This company, however, vows to deliver your resume within 1 to 2 business days—faster than most resume writing services in the US.

Price Range: Who knew you can get fast, reliable resume writing services for as low as $125? This company is one of the very few who offer fast and cheap resume writing services without compromising quality.

Contact: (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 9.2/10 on TrustPilot

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Professional Writers' TrustPilot review

2. Resume Prime

Ranking next as the best resume writer is Resume Prime. From entry- to top-level management, expect that Resume Prime can cater to your different job application needs. They offer resume writing services that surely prove the skills of their writers.

This company is also not limited to a single service. They offer diverse resume writing services, including executive, federal, and military transition resume writing. Since these are in-demand services, the company ensures every applicant is accommodated well.

Being the only jack-of-all-trades in this list, the company upholds its pledge to deliver what you need. Looking for free resume resources? Resume Prime has thousands of resources for various industry types, too!

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Prime’s homepage

Perks:  Resume Prime has comprehensive resume writing services that cater to diverse types of job seekers. This ensures that job seekers are fully accommodated.

Fails: The company offers diverse services and has limited their turnaround time to 3 business days. The quality outputs, however, make up for this minor setback.

Delivery Time: The company’s turnaround time of 3 business days is pretty reasonable due to the range of services they offer. In fact, this is faster than other companies who offer the same services.

Price Range: Their professional resume writing services start at $190. If you want to put a little effort at making your resume look good, try hiring this service.

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 4.1/5 on Facebook

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Prime Facebook review

3. Resume Valley

Resume Valley offers very affordable resume writing services—starting at $69. Their services, by far, are the cheapest in this list. If you’re too skeptical of our top two, you can choose this company. Though their services are limited to LinkedIn profile optimization and resume and CV writing, they make up by providing other job tools such as writing of biography, statement of purpose, and a lot more.

The company vows to give you the best career results in many industries. Offering a turnaround time of 5 business days, the company ensures to cater to your different job needs in a reasonable amount of time.

Since you’re trying to apply for a job, you should be on a tight budget, right? Why don’t you give this company a try? Their services will not disappoint you.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Valley’s homepage

Perks: Packages are, hands down, one of the most affordable services out there. Nothing’s better than a well-written resume hired at a very affordable price.

Fails: They offer great resume writing services, but they lack online reviews. This can be a problem for new clients who like to read reviews first.

Delivery Time: The company lists a turnaround time of 5 business days. This is ideal for those who are not in a hurry to submit their application. However, this turnaround time can be a nuisance for those who are not willing to wait.

Price range: Starting at $69, you can have your LinkedIn profile ready in almost a week. Also, you can hire their civilian resume writing service for only $99.

Contact:​1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews:7.9/10 on TrustPilot

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Valley review

4. Capstone Resume Services

To write faster and produce a better resume, Capstone Resume Services offers a one-on-one consultation. Their US-based certified professional resume writers will collate all your details and sort them to create a compelling, optimized resume.

You can hire their resume writing services starting at $149. Also, they’d let you choose whether you’d like to request a consultation first or order straightaway. Isn’t that great?

They also uphold its brand image by remaining transparent to their clients. They have seven professional resume writers that are proven to be experts in diverse industries. With all these mentioned, Capstone remains a trusted brand in the resume writing industry.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Capstone Resume Services’ homepage

Perks: Since the company suggests one-on-one consultations, you can ensure quality output. While you’re at it, make sure you discuss all the crucial details you want to highlight.

Fails: Lack of online reviews. Their website may include some testimonials from their clients, but those alone cannot verify their credibility.

Delivery Time: You’ll have two to three days of consultation. Afterward, the writer will decide whether they’d do some revisions for you.

Price Range: Have your cover letter done for only $59. Their resume services, however, range from $149.00 to $299.00.

Contact: 650.445.5301

Reviews: N/A

5. Resume4Dummies (R4D)

Climbing up the rank, Resume4Dummies proves that their services are worthy of the price. Aside from their commendable resume writing services, they also offer resume resources that will help you write your own. To highlight, these resources encompass a wide range of industries.

To help applicants save time and money, this company decided to launch their own resume builder. This software helps site visitors craft their own resumes. Whether you wish to write your own resume or hire an expert to do it, Resume4Dummies aims to help you either way.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of ResumeDummies’ homepage

Perks: The company’s resume builder is a modern aid to the tiresome resume writing process. Also, they aim to help job seekers by providing various job application tools, such as their well-written resume templates. Check it out, they have tens of thousands of them!

Fails: The only setback that keeps them from ranking fourth is that their limited services which only include resume and cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Delivery Time: The company has a turnaround time of four business days. Most companies deliver the first draft after a week or so, that’s why it’s safe to say that this is much faster than other firms.

Price Range: Resume4Dummies’ resume writing services start at $130. Also, if you wish to have your LinkedIn profile exceptionally written, you can hire their service at $100.

Contact: 1 510 740 4155

Reviews: 7.4/10 on TrustPilot

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume4Dummies’ TrustPilot review

6. Resumes Guaranteed

Resumes Guaranteed pledges 98.3% customer satisfaction. In fact, they promised your career success—and will even pay you $50 if you failed to land a job within two months.

The company aims to provide fast and limited resume services delivered to you within two to three business days. Aside from their exceptional services, they also have helpful blogs that can help you in your career.

Their bold approach to ensure that their clients will land a job within two months must verify the quality of work. What do you think? To help you decide, read their perks and fails below.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resumes Guaranteed’s homepage

Perks: Resumes Guaranteed trusts their services so much that if you don’ t get hired within two months, they’ll rewrite your resume and give you $50 to compensate for your job application expenses.

Fails: Compared to our top six companies, Resumes Guaranteed’s website is not user-friendly. This is a major setback, mainly because the interface serves a key role in a website.

Delivery Time: Expect your resume delivered in two to three business days. You can opt for a faster service though—but with an extra charge.

Price Range: Their resume writing services start at $110. Also, as said above, you have to pay an extra fee to have your resume done in a day.

Contact: 1 (800) 667-8618

Reviews: N/A

7. Chapman Services

Chapman Services is the only company in this list that has a turnaround time of seven days. For those who like immediate outputs, Chapman Services may not be fit for you. Despite this, the company vows to bring the results you deserve.

Since it is proven that they produce high-quality resumes, you can opt to receive them a few days earlier. You just have to pay an extra $127 or $227 to receive it in as fast as two to three days.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Chapman Services’ homepage

Perks: If you hire Chapman’s resume writing services, expect a high-quality output. Their services make up for the price and the time it takes.

Fails: Their resume writing services take a lot of time yet you have to pay a hefty price. This is not ideal for low-budget job seekers.

Delivery Time: The company can deliver your resume in seven business days. You can pay an extra fee to have it days earlier than the usual.

Price Range: Their resume writing services are quite pricey, ranging from $397 to $997. In fact, not all can pay this much amount, especially job seekers.

Contact: 269-405-9700

Reviews: N/A

8. BluePrint Resumes & Consulting

Blueprint Resumes & Consulting competes as one of the best resume writers by giving topnotch resumes. Their prices are also hefty, but the company assures to give you quality output. With a 99% client satisfaction rating, the company ensures your employment by providing exceptional resume writing services.

It offers packages for various purposes. Hence, it is easier for you and for anyone to look for the perfect package that suits your needs. Head on to their website and you’ll see various resume samples you can use anytime.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of BluePrint Resumes & Consulting homepage

Perks: Results-based services make their loyal clients stay with them for a longer period of time.

Fails: Unresponsive to chats and lacks online reviews. Also, their website is not user-friendly.

Delivery Time: Have your resume delivered within a week. They also offer rush services wherein you can choose to receive your resume within 1 to 2 days.

Price Range: Their services range from $185 to $1125.

Contact: 678-819-3763

Reviews: N/A 

9. Acclaimed Resumes

Would you like to submit your resume to several job posting sites? Let Acclaimed Resumes do that for you. They can post your resume on 80 to 100 job sites in about 20 minutes. Saving you time and effort; thus, allowing you to utilize your time properly.

Their overall goal is to assist you in finding the perfect job. So, they offer a unique resume tailored to your chosen job. One thing you have to know is that this company never discloses the price of their services. To address any concerns, bear in mind that they are a phone call away.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Acclaimed-Resumes-homepage

Perks: The company has a high success rate that confirms its expertise in this field.

Fails: Lack of service details leaves prospective clients thinking about whether their services are worth the try.

Delivery Time: Their average turnaround time is three to five business days.

Price Range: N/A

Contact: 847-260-7851

Reviews: N/A

10. Resume Plus

Resume Plus believes that every resume is unique—like its owner. Thus, they claim to avoid reusing standard templates. Sue, the owner of Resume Plus, takes pride in dealing with quality instead of quantity. They write job-winning resumes that ensure your success.

The rate of their resume services, however, is not disclosed on their site. This means you have to contact them directly to know the rates you need to pay.

10 Best Resume Writers in 2020 – screenshot of Resume Plus homepage

Perks: Resume Plus has proven its clients’ success rate. Due to Sue’s promise to provide high-quality resumes, the feedback they receive is mostly positive.

Fails: Their site lacks the most vital detail that most applicants seek—the price. We hope they mend this one soon.

Delivery Time: Expect a well-written resume in about two weeks. Rush services are also available, but they charge an extra 20% fee for it.

Price Range: N/A

Contact: 937-254-5627

Reviews:​ N/A

Listing the Best Resume Writers in 2020—and Beyond

Landing your target job can be tiresome, right? This is why resume writing services exist. These firms can help you get hired faster than you normally could. Plus, investing in your career is a good choice. Don’t you think? Now that we’ve listed the best resume writers in 2020, it’s time to take the crucial step—to decide. Since you’ve read the reviews of each firm, make sure you hire the right one for you.

Aside from this, we’ve also listed the top resume writing services suited for your career needs. We aim to ease your job application by providing unbiased lists. For further details, read our disclaimer to know how and why we make these lists. Get started with the best resume writers today, and good luck!