Best Resume Writers in the U.S. (2019)


To land the job you’ve always wanted, you need to write a compelling resume that represents you well. According to The Ladder, recruiters scan resumes for an average of six seconds only, subsequently deciding if an applicant fits for the job or not. This is called the 6-second test. To pass the test, your resume must contain details that will catch your prospective employer’s attention—letting them know your resume is worthy of their time.

Don’t know how to start? That’s where we come in. To help you skip the dreadful research of who provides the best resume writing services today, we reviewed different resume writing companies and ranked the best. Here’s a brief overview of the 10 best resume writers in 2019.

  1. Resume Professional Writers
  2. Resume Prime
  3. Resume Valley
  4. Capstone Resume Services
  5. Resume4Dummies
  6. Resumes Guaranteed
  7. Chapman Services
  8. BluePrint Resumes & Consulting
  9. Acclaimed Resumes
  10. Resume Plus

Let this list serve as your guide in choosing the most reliable resume writing company. Moving ahead, below are in-depth reviews of the best resume writers, along with the crucial details you must not miss. We’ve also listed each of the company’s perks and fails to help you assess
which one suits your demand the most.

  1. Resume Professional Writers

    Ever wondered why this company constantly ranks first? Well, aside from their unequaled ability to render exceptional resume writing services, they are also known for their reliable customer service. Also, this company vows to deliver a faster service—shortening their turnaround time from 2-3 business days to 1 business day—enabling a much faster transaction.

    Most companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) nowadays, proving the demand for keyword-rich resumes. To ensure your resumes are highly marketable, this company produces ATS-friendly resumes, making sure each resume is specifically tailored to your target industry.