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Job Search Experts Define the Best Resume Format for 2018

January and February are the peak hiring months. Hence, the start of 2018 brings huge breaks to advance your career. Gladly, we gathered helpful tips, tricks, and credible job search advice from the experts. To increase your chances of grabbing desired job offers, experts dish out the best resume format for 2018. Take note of these knacks so your resume can get more nods from recruiters.

What Are the 3 Types of Resumes?

Before you start choosing the best resume format, you must first learn the 3 different types of resumes: chronological, functional, and combination.

1. Chronological Resume

Using this format, you’ll need to list your job experience, education, and extra-curricular activities in descending order with the most recent item at the top.

2. Functional Resume

In this format, you’ll highlight several key areas of your experience, responsibilities, and feats instead of experience arranged by dates.

3. Combination Resume

Like how the name implies, this format attempts to get the best of both by grouping relevant skills and experience starting from the most recent.

But out of these, which format do most hirers prefer for resumes? The answer is the chronological resume format because it is the most common and, therefore, the most recognizable.

What’s Included in the Best Resume Format for 2018?

People come from varied backgrounds and no personal history is alike, so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact formula to define the best resume templates for 2018. However, we could help you build that strong resume with these resume writing trends for 2018 that surge you against other job seekers. A topnotch resume format for 2018 is:

  1. Imbued with pleasant personality.
  2. Improved and linked to a digital portfolio.
  3. Connected to an image-building social media.
  4. Built by resume experts.

1. Imbued with pleasant personality.

6.6 million Americans are out of jobs by the end of 2017. These figures show the steep competition a job seeker must face in landing a new job. Hence, how can you standout against millions of other job seekers vying for limited spots? The answer: you grab hirer’s attention through a brilliant personality. Just as competence is vital to your success, future bosses look for real people who have first-rate people skills and work ethic to add to their team.

Hence, how can you add flair to your application? It’s a given that resumes need to be formal, so work it on your cover letter. Crucial matters you can’t elaborate on the resume must be seen on your cover letter. Use a pleasant tone and don’t forget to send a timely follow-up letter (an email to the hiring manager would do). Going the extra mile to make personal contact can set you apart from the crowd. But, keep your message short and sweet. Don’t bore your reader with needless chatter and risk being tagged as annoying.

2. Improved and linked to a digital portfolio.

Let’s face it; today’s recruiters use the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a software app, that hastens the hiring process. They receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes daily. Without the ATS, it’s impossible for HR pros to manage those huge numbers on their own. Besides, if you’re applying online, expect the first screening phase to be regulated under the ATS.

Thus, to match this hiring approach, use a modern resume that’s internet and technology-friendly. Also, a digital portfolio escalates your chances of getting hired. Make sure to keep your resume succinct. Stuff all info on your hyper-linked portfolio. Some job seekers even attach a video cover letter to flaunt their awesome gift of gab.

3. Connected to an image-building social media.

Almost everyone is active on social media, even your future boss. 70 percent of recruiters turn to social media before considering a job seeker for a job post. They do a background check and explore your social media accounts. Therefore, it is time to pay attention to what you post on your social media feeds. Stay away from content that would leave a bad impression.

4. Built by resume experts.

Since we’re already talking about going above and beyond, the best resume format for 2018 must have an expert’s touch. You could try writing it on your own, but an expert resume service gets you the best results. Copying from 2018 resume examples found online may be easy, but they’ll make you sound plain and boring. Grammar checkers smoothens the language, but resume writers give it an extra oomph! These experts have several tricks up their sleeves to add impact and bring your resume to perfection.

What’s Outdated in the Best Resume Styles 2018

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It’s 2018! Time to ditch the following outdated resume advice:

Focus on Face Value – A pretty paper can be striking at first glance. But beauty is fleeting, so emphasize more on its content more than its look.

Skill Score – Giving a numerical value to grade your skill mastery (e.g. 7/10 Adobe Photoshop, 8/10 Java, 9/10 WordPress, and 7/10 Zoho) works against you. Whether you shoot high or low, recruiters find self-assessment doubtful.

New Year and New Career With the Best Resume Format for 2018

Gain from the early hiring drift by applying these tips on building the best resume format for 2018. Find more job hunt and career planning advice from our blogs. Do you need help in booking a trusted resume expert? Check this page for a list of top-rated resume firms.

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