Best 10 Resume Writers lists the 10 best IT resume service companies to hire in 2020

10 Best IT Resume Writing Services in 2020

Applying for a job in the information technology (IT) industry has never been this competitive. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT jobs will grow by 12% from 2018 to 2028. This is faster than the average for all jobs. With this promising rate, many aspire to land a job in this field. Add to this the complexities of searching for the best IT resume service for you.

So, as an IT job seeker, what should you do, then? If you want to make your job search tools help you land a job faster, then you must hire the best resume services.

We know how much you want your job application done the soonest. That’s why we’ve done the tedious task of researching and listed the 10 best IT resume writing services for you! Check our in-depth reviews on each company and choose the best one for your needs.

With that, here’s a quick rundown of the 10 best IT resume writers to watch out for in 2020:

  1. Resume Professional Writers
  2. Resume Prime
  3. Quantum Tech Resumes
  4. Resume Valley
  5. Resume4Dummies
  6. Careers Booster
  7. Resume Writers
  8. Resume Discover
  9. Scientech Resumes
  10. Information Technology Resume Service

Now, are you curious about how these 10 resume writing firms made it into our list? Then check our detailed reviews below. Read on about each firm’s perks and fails, and what makes them stand out among the rest through our full reviews.

1. Resume Professional Writers

Topping off our list of the top IT resume service firms is Resume Professional Writers.

As one of the pioneers in the resume writing industry, this firm has been providing quality IT resume services for almost 20 years now. With their 60-day interview-guarantee promise, they ensure to deliver a job-winning IT resume—professionally written to help you land job interviews in no time.

Now with a faster lead time of at least 1 business day (depending on the resume package), Resume Professional Writers has leveled up a notch with their annual satisfaction rating of 96%. This may be because they consider their clients’ value for time and urgency. Further, this firm claims their resumes are ATS friendly—delivered fast, affordable, and high quality.

Top 1 IT Resume Service for 2020 - Screenshot of Resume Professional Writers Homepage

Perks: Resume Professional Writers may not offer the cheapest IT resume writing services, but they ensure high-quality IT resumes under budget-friendly rates.

Fails: The only bad thing about this firm is that they’re only available on weekdays which may affect the delivery time.

Delivery Time: As one of the firms with fast resume writing services, expect to receive your IT resume within 24 hours for their Premium and Ultimate packages. On the other hand, they have a 2-business-day lead time for their Basic and Deluxe packages.

Price Range: Starts at $125 for the Basic package

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.6/5 on Trustpilot

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Professional Writers Trustpilot Review

2. Resume Prime

Ranking second on our IT resume writing firms list is Resume Prime.

Aside from being the top choice of executives and high-level professionals, Resume Prime is also a topnotch IT resume service firm with tailored to the clients’ situations, including experience level, field, and career path.

Also known for their client-oriented customer support, they make sure all client needs are properly handled and resolved. Thus, their highly trained resume writers produce quality resumes for all types of job seekers.

Top 2 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Prime Homepage

Perks: With the firm’s user-friendly website, clients can easily choose the right package for them. Also, each package has a unique description to further help clients decide on which service to hire.

Fails: Resume Prime stated no specific value offer on their website—which they can use to convince potential clients to hire their IT resume services.

Delivery Time: In 3 business days, receive a quality IT resume. This lead time is fairly shorter than other resume writing firms.

Price Range: With their wide range of services, their cheapest resume writing services cost $110 for a student resume to $230 for an executive resume.

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 4.1/5 on Facebook

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Prime Facebook Review

3. Quantum Tech Resumes

Specializing in the IT industry, JM Auron of Quantum Tech Resumes uses his background as a headhunter and his experience in the IT field to ensure the quality of his clients’ IT resumes. His loyalty to build a one-on-one connection with his clients is essential to one of his value offers—defining one’s personal brand through his IT resume services.

This made it to our list of the best IT resume writing services due to its high focus on the IT industry.

Top 3 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Quantum Tech Resumes Homepage

Perks: Some IT job seekers prefer one-on-one consultation and resume writing process—and JM Auron of Quantum Tech Resumes is more than up for that.

Fails: There are no available contact details aside from the contact form. For this reason, this resume writing firm isn’t the best for job seekers who are in a rush. Also, their lead time is longer than most resume writing firms.

Delivery Time: Their one-on-one approach may lead to a longer turnaround time. On their IT resume process page, it says you’ll have your IT resume in 4 weeks.

Price Range: A bit pricey, but you get the quality you aim for. Their resume packages range from $997 to $2297.

Contact: Their site only contains a contact form and no direct hotline number.

Reviews: N/A

4. Resume Valley

As one of the most affordable resume writing services, Resume Valley understands the ins and outs of IT resume writing. Their team of expert resume writers highlights their client’s skills to boost their marketability before hiring managers. Thus, their career-targeted and skills-focused writing style helps them produce quality IT resumes under low service rates.

Also, this firm is up for better usability and simpler process. Their services are best for those who want direct and effective IT resumes and CVs.

Top 4 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Valley Homepage

Perks: Aside from being among the most budget-friendly resume services rates, Resume Valley offers great deals with their free cover letter every now and then. Check their website and social media accounts for promos and discounts.

Fails: Despite its good reputation, this firm lacks customer reviews to boost their online presence.

Delivery Time: Expect a well-written IT resume in 5 business days.

Price Range: Hire their IT resume and CV services for only $99. Also, you may avail of their LinkedIn profile services for only $69.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 4.1/5 on Trustpilot

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Valley Trustpilot Review

5. Resume4Dummies

As one of the best affordable resume writing services, Resume4Dummies secures the 5th spot on our list. With their highly competent staff and exceptional customer service, they have remained true in producing IT resumes and related services beyond the clients’ needs and expectations.

Aside from topnotch resume writing services, the firm also offers free IT resume examples and templates along with their free resume builder. Hence, making it one of the best IT resume service companies out there.

Top 5 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume4Dummies Homepage

Perks: As mentioned, this IT resume service firm offers a wide array of resume samples and templates as well as a resume builder. This allows you to draft your own resume and opt to hire their services should you deem fit.

Fails: There’s a limited number of online customer reviews.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time of 4 business days is faster than other resume firms who offer the same services.

Price Range: This firm’s IT resume service starts at $130, cover letter at $50, and their LinkedIn profile at $100.

Contact: 1 510 7400 4155

Reviews: 3.7/5 on Trustpilot

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume4Dummies Trustpilot Review

6. Careers Booster

Careers Booster is committed to delivering dynamically written IT resumes fast, under highly competitive rates. Their team of expert writers provides services that are sure to highlight your skills, experiences, and employable qualities that appeal to employers.

For over 17 years, this firm has trained expert writers who produce attention-grabbing, error-free resumes. Also, their service packages cater to various job levels.

Top 6 IT Resume Writing Service - Screenshot of Careers Booster Homepage

Perks: Part of their value offers is free resume revisions for clients who don’t get interviews within 30 days. Their 24/7 client support is also a key offer that makes this firm one of those you should try.

Fails: Their approach of closely working with their clients may be seen as a pro, but for those clients who are in a rush, this is definitely a no.

Delivery Time: The earliest time you can receive your IT resume is within 24 hours, with extra fees of course. However, their longest lead time lasts for 5 days.

Price Range: This firm charges $155 for entry-level roles and $215 for executives.

Contact: 1-888-468-0474

Reviews: 3.8/5 on Trustpilot

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Careers Booster Trustpilot Review

7. Resume Writers

Also making it to our list of the best IT resume service companies is Resume Writers.

With their team of IT resume specialists, this firm offers resume services for IT, tech, and networking professionals. With the rising demand for IT jobs, this firm knows how to write resumes that can surely stand out from the stiff competition. Further, Resume Writers designed a special category of products for IT job seekers who wish to receive their job application tools the soonest they can.

Top 7 IT Resume Writing Service - Screenshot of Resume Writers Homepage

Perks: This firm promises interview guarantee resumes. If a client doesn’t get interviews within 60 days, they’ll receive a new, rewritten resume.

Fails: Resume Writers doesn’t offer the cheapest resume services, though justified by the quality of their outputs.

Delivery Time: If you’re in a rush, you may choose their 24-hour rush lead time. However, the standard turnaround time is 3 days.

Price Range: They offer resume services from $169.95 for students, $229.95 for tech/IT, and $299.95 for executives.

Contact: (866) 356-2789

Reviews: A+ on BBB

8. Resume Discover

With their staff composed of skilled writers, Resume Discover produces job-winning CVs for all professionals. Ensuring on-time delivery and high satisfaction rating, this firm also offers free revisions should clients prove their resume needs weren’t met.

Top 8 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Resume Discover Homepage

Perks: This firm offers free revisions of final resumes should clients prove their needs were not fulfilled.

Fails: Absence of client reviews on other third-party sites is something they should work on.

Delivery Time: This firm’s time frame is 1 to 7 business days.

Price Range: Their resume services cost from $66.99 to $108.99 if you’ll opt for their basic 7-day lead time per package.

Contact: +1 844 861 6050

Reviews: N/A

9. Scientech Resumes

With their free consultations, Scientech Resumes closely partners with their clients to succeed with their personal branding strategies in IT resume writing. With this kind of offering, resume packages deemed to be more expensive than other resume writing firms.

Top 9 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Scientech Resumes Homepage

Perks: This resume writing firm mainly focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, which is a good thing if you want to entrust your resume to specialists.

Fails: Their offers are a bit pricey for their lead time.

Delivery Time: Expect your IT resume in 7 to 10 business days. They also offer both 3- and 5-business day lead time for a premium yet reasonable fee.

Price Range: Check their inclusions well. Their resume packages range from $395 to $2395.

Contact: 971 770 1460

Reviews: 5/5 on Facebook

IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Scientech Resumes Facebook Review

10. Information Technology Resume Services

Lastly, Information Technology Resume Service also made it to our best IT resume writing services.

Keeping up with the latest technology and the changing IT resume writing processes, this firm promises to produce quality and in-depth resumes for job hunters in the field of IT. They write adept and focused resumes that will surely help you in your job search.

Top 10 IT Resume Service - Screenshot of Information Technology Resume Service Homepage

Perks: Jennifer Hay of this firm is a certified resume writer in the field of IT. So, you can ensure a well-written job tool when you hire their services.

Fails: This IT resume service firm uses an in-depth style in writing resumes. Hence, if you’re looking for a quick turnaround time, this firm is not for you.

Delivery Time: The lead time isn’t stated on the website; though they claim that they write resumes through an in-depth process.

Price Range: Their IT resume service costs $795.

Contact: (425) 442-3706

Reviews: N/A

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Rounding Up the Top IT Resume Service Companies in 2020

We know how tedious the job search can be—and the resume writing process itself, too. With that, use this list and in-depth review as your guide in hiring the best information technology resume writing services for 2020. Also, to be sure where to get a resume done professionally, check if the firm offers certified resume writer services for prime job search tools.

Finally, always check your needs as a job seeker and don’t settle for less. Make sure you choose the top firms worthy of your time and money.