Application Personality Test: What Your Resume Says About You

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Application Personality Test What Your Resume Says About YouWhenever we write a resume, we breathe life on it. We provide the curriculum vitae an animated personality, which hiring managers use as a reference when screening for applicants.

What does your resume tell about you? Take this short job application personality test and find out what your application stands for:

  • Results-driven individual that has over 15 years experience as a sales manager. Goal-oriented employee capable of leading a company to greater heights. Multi-faceted and can handle tremendous amount of pressure at all times – You want to play it safe with an introduction that has been used over a million times. There is nothing unique about your application. Chances are, the application queue is teeming with words like goal-oriented and results-driven. 
  • I would like to work at your company as a (insert position here) – That’s it? More and more resumes are following the tradition of using one-sentence job objectives. Though this presents the application in a serious fashion, it does not entirely put the applicant in an advantageous position.
  • I have been working as a (insert position here) for almost 10 years. I have almost indelible experience in the field of (insert industry here). I have won numerous accolades as a professional – Your application is considered passive and egotistic. Hiring managers do not enjoy for one second reading a resume that are filled with I and me pronouns.
  • Been working for about seven years as a (insert position here) – You’d rather talk with the hiring manager than write your achievements on paper. The problem is, you need to write all your achievements before facing the hiring manager in a conversational battle. The process does not work in reverse, and your resume does all the talk at the beginning of a system called a job application.


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