Almost Had a College Degree: What Job Suits Me?

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job opportunities await college degree holders

There’s the rub. You nearly got to the platform of glory, but for some unfortunate reason, you have to stop pursuing your bachelor’s and look for a job. Of course, you can’t expect to win in a competition of a pool of hundred college graduates, but you don’t want to end up low in a blue collar job along with the high school graduates either. So what do you do?

1. Research and learn from others.

And congratulations, you’ve already done the first step! Fooling aside, it’s really smart of you to refer to the great World Wide Web to know what to expect from your current situation. If you could get even luckier, ask some friends and relatives who are also undergraduates. Chances are, once you’ve got the idea of a fitting work for you, you can narrow your job search to more realistic positions.

2. Stand along with Associate Graduates.

You can’t deliver a decent application if you don’t classify yourself. In your case, the safest is to level yourself along with the associate’s title holders. Though you have longer years of study than they do, both of you are in between the bums and the buffs, idiomatically speaking of course. Aim for secretarial, clerical, and assistant posts, they are the most attainable choice for you. However still, secure your edge over the others. Almost a college degree is still better than not a college degree. Assert your advantage by showing that you have some stock knowledge in what the professionals are doing just in case it comes in handy for your work.

3. Don’t lie.

You’ve been applying to various employers for two reasons: first, because they are looking for ideal associate grads or college undergrads to fit in the post; second, because you match their qualifications. So why will you bother altering facts about your academic background? And even if you’re applying for a post that requires college degree, you still don’t need to utter a fib if you really believe that you have what it takes to do the task except for a wretched piece of paper they call diploma. No, lying is not useless – it is harmful to your career.

4. Put emphasis on specific knowledge about the field.

Here’s one good thing about entering college (even if you have gone off too soon) – you’ve got more than the required knowledge in the company’s processes. Say, you’re applying as a clerk in an accounting firm? Let them see that you also have the technical knowledge aside from the ability to organize files and answer clients’ calls.

Not having to attain your degree does not mean that you can’t have a decent professional niche. Sometimes all it takes is cunning and some confidence. Imagine, there are a lot worse situations out there. If you almost finished a college degree, it doesn’t just mean that you lack some semester over the college grads; it also means that you got some extra years of learning over the associate grads.

Relax, not being able to attain the bachelor’s is better than not taking it at all. Case in point you forget that you’re luckier than the others. Heck, remember kick-outs, and felons, and the disabled persons before thinking that there’s not much job in store for you.

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