What Are the Accepted Resume Guidelines?

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What Are the Accepted Resume GuidelinesA resume is the first line of defense for your education, experience, and accomplishments. It serves as a self-marketing tool that if done correctly will lead to a plethora of interviews and potential job offers. Each resume that is sent to a respective firm should be concise, grammatically perfect, detailed and truthful. Failure to follow the established guidelines will result in your resume being added to the increasingly growing garbage bin. Please ensure you comply with these generally accepted resume guidelines.


Human Resource professionals are typically unforgiving on grammatically inferior resumes. Armed with a pool of already proofread resumes at their disposal, why would your resume get a second glance with common mistakes?


What good is ten years experience if there are no successful milestones mentioned? Listing your proven track record sets you apart from other candidates and increases the probability of an interview.


For experienced job candidates, educational achievements are sometimes omitted to include more career experience. This can be a mistake if the job applied for has an education requirement. You cannot assume that a human resource professional can guess that you have a Master of Business Administration from Duke University. By always including this field you fully complete your presentation to the employer.


Know how to work a certain piece of machinery? Technological expertise? Acquiring an expertise in a skill set will enhance your marketability to employers.


These nationally recognized certifications put you at high demand. Make sure your certifications are placed properly on the resume for an added edge.

Contact Information

True story: My personal cell phone was at one point ringing three times a day for a man named Elliot. The calls were from a few fortune 500 companies and plenty of mid sized respectable businesses. Poor Elliot didn’t include his e-mail address on his resume and after I informed the employers they had the wrong phone information his job search came to an avoidable end. All relevant contact information should be included on your resume. Resist using gimmicky e-mail addresses like theterminator@domain.com and instead create a professional account for your job search (i.e. johndoe@domain.com). Keep it professional!

Resume Mistakes

Please do not become the subject of this page by doing any of the following Social Security Number. According to human resource professionals, this is becoming more prevalent in today’s job applicants resumes. While almost every company seems to need your social security number for transactions, the resume remains a place where it should not be included under any circumstances.

Reasons for leaving previous jobs

This topic will undoubtedly arise if you are given an interview. That would be the proper venue to discuss past experiences and reasons for termination from previous assignments. Using First Person. “I” should only be used in the formal interview. Never use it on your resume to describe an accomplishment (i.e. I developed the new training process for departmental colleagues)

Political Allegiances

Being a good republican or democrat may earn you high social status in some circles, but including “staunch republican / democrat” will potentially alienate your resume before it is fully reviewed. Work is a place where management is constantly trying to get its workforce to cooperate and use teamwork. Boasting political affiliations have the potential to polarize.


This information should NEVER be placed in a professional resume. Let your skills and experience do the talking. If you are qualified for the position and are 22 or 65, your age should never enter the equation.

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