5 Uncommon Yet High Paying Jobs to Consider

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Are you looking for a unique, high-paying job that does not ask for much qualification? Read this list of odd or uncommon jobs that pay well based on the facts posted at salary.com and be amazed at what you will find out.

1. Horse Riders/Exercisers

uncommon jobs that pay well - horse exerciser

They ride horses on non-race days and prepare them for the jockeys. The job only needs a high school diploma. However, it takes you roughly seven years of experience to master.
Yearly Median Pay: $50,691



2. Sommeliers/Wine Stewards


Aside from telling customers the best wine to go with their meal, these fellows also identify wine, buy wine from suppliers, and check them in the cellar. A college degree is not important, but you will need years of experience, training, and certifications to succeed.
Yearly Median Pay: $50,868


3. Bereavement Coordinators

Bereavement Coordinator

They often make funeral service arrangements, arrange for counseling, and give details as needed to the bereaved. The job only looks for a four-year college degree but you should also be highly resistant to stress because you will be working with emotionally distraught people.
Yearly Median Pay: $52,328


4. Childbirth Educators

Childbirth Educators

Their job is not to deliver babies but to inform the parents of childbirth procedures and trends in labor and delivery technology. Most of them have college degrees and several years of experience.
Yearly Median Pay: $56,504


5. Bingo Managers

Bingo Managers

Their task is to approve jackpots and payouts, handle escalated customer complaints and issues, and maintain total compliance with the gaming rules. A college degree is not a requisite but will require you at least five years of work experience to win this job.
Yearly Median Pay: $56,593


Who wants to blend in when you can stand out? These five odd but well-paying jobs from the reviews of resume writing companies are worth trying if you are looking for a unique career.

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