35 Important Jobs that No Longer Exist – Part 3

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Most people nowadays take their jobs for granted. Some complain about the difficulty of their work, there are those who believe they’re not getting paid enough, while others simply don’t know what they want to do with their lives. To remind us of how fortunate we still are, here’s the last part of our 35 critically important jobs that no longer exist list:

26. Thimble Rigger

jobs that no longer exist - Thimble Rigger

This person operated the game called “Thimblerig.” It was the shuffling of a pea among three thimbles and gambling on which thimble the pea is under. It was like this only a lot less cute.

Cat kiddo playing

27. Herb Strewer

Herb Strewer

These ladies scattered flowers and herbs in any room or space that royalty might walk into. This was to help cover up the stench coming in through the windows. I guess it smelled so bad at the time; it was like shooting someone with a fart gun.

28. Dog Whippers

Dog Whipper

Not the job I’m very fond of, the Dog Whippers were church officials tasked with the removal of wild dogs from church grounds during service. If they could only hit back though…

Human got slapped by his dog“That’s for my ancestors!”

29. Gong Farmer

Gong Farmer

They were given the job of removing or “farming” human waste from privies and cesspits. By the end of the day, this is all they’re left with.

sad man GIF

30. Catchpole


Catchpoles are the medieval version of bounty hunters. They were tax collectors, and they also arrested people who failed to pay their debt. They’re all like…

I will find you meme

31. Whipping Boy

Whipping Boy

These young boys were assigned to young princes and were physically punished when the prince became disobedient or fell behind in school. And it’s not even the sexy kind of spanking.

man spanking his office mate GIF

32. Donkey Puncher

Donkey Puncher

A Donkey Puncher operated a machine commonly used in the logging industry called, Steam Donkey. Apparently there’s another, more modern meaning to the term “donkey punch”, but it has nothing to do with this profession. Let’s just clear that up.

Everybody got that meme

33. Link-boy


These young boys were tasked to carry flaming torches to light the way for pedestrians at night.

girl with super power GIF

Nah. It wasn’t that cool.

34. Fuller


They soaked cloths in a mixture of clay and urine, trampled on them, and walked on its backside to help the fibers bind and give cohesion to it. It was similar to this, only a lot grosser and a lot less fun.

35. Lamp Trimmer

Lamp Trimmer

Lamp Trimmers were sailors given the duty of maintaining oil lamps and keeping them shining brightly. Like what Rihanna said…

Rihanna GIF

That wraps up our list of 35 Critically Important Jobs that Became Extinct. For all your job hunt concerns, read our best resume writing services reviews to find the most-suited provider that will help you achieve your career goals one document at a time.



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