5 Office Desk Must-Haves for a Livelier Workplace Environment

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Work should not be necessarily boring, and experts even say decorating your workstation can contribute to a healthier, happier career. So, when thinking of giving your office desk a make-over, consider adding these top 5 workplace items to motivate you in a busy workday.

The Science of Changing Your Office Environment

In an article written by Brian Lee posted in Lifehack.org, he states that a change in environment can increase one’s energy. He explains that “an office space that looks bad, smells bad, or makes you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome could be contributing to your lack of energy”.

A research from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows that clutter affects your brain’s ability to concentrate and process information. Lifehacker.com also supports this study. Similar to what multitasking does to your brain, physical clutter overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairs your ability to think creatively.

Business News Daily also suggests that keeping office items that inspire comfort and happiness improve your motivation and productivity. Your average workday takes up almost half of your day so it makes sense that putting motivational office items on your work desk will improve your mood and your work.

Workplace Items to Keep You Motivated

If you want to brighten up your workspace, here’s a list of desk items that you can consider adding.

1. Family Photographs

man working with family picture at the back

As employees working eight hours for 5-6 days, it is our families that inspire us to continue and press on. They are what make us sip another cup of coffee just to stay awake during overtime. Our families are a reflection of what we want in our career: happy, stable, and genuine. If you want to remain inspired during office hours, consider placing a picture of you with your family.

2. Sticky Notes with Inspirational Quotes

sticky notes with inspirational quotes

Quotes are always effective eye-openers. Upon reading one, it can swallow us in a dimension that wakes us up from our personal struggles. Consider pasting one powerful quote that will remind you of how important your career is, or you can always create one of your own.

3. Motivational Book

office desk with motivational books

Customize your workspace with a book that moved you to who you are today. Normally, books contain one piece of unforgettable verse or line that changed a person’s outlook towards life. Pick one book that you won’t bother to read over and over again during your morning and afternoon break.

4. Desk Plant

office desk with a plant

UndercoverRecruiter also suggests having a plant or shrub on your office desk. They say that it can liven up your boring work desk and significantly improve your happiness and air quality in your workplace. Best office plants include spider plant, philodendron, and mini cactus.

5. Certificates and Plaques

office desk with thumbs up trophy

Awards in the form of certificates or plaque will inspire to continue on with what you have started. Hanging one inside your cubicle will remind you how extraordinary and competitive you are as an employee.

Putting these workplace items on your desk can bring back the drive for work that you had once had. Use it as a reminder that work is not always just for money, it can also inspire others in the future as well.

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