What Kind Of Job Applicant Are You?

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By: Diane Williams

Human resource managerWhat Kind Of Job Applicant Are Yous are forced with the task of identifying a job applicant’s intention. Not all applicants are blessed with the same kind of enthusiasm that new graduates have in them. Some would just waltz inside for a quick interview while others just need that much-needed experience.

Different applicants have different personas, and you may find yourself belonging to these enumerated categories:

1. The Proud and Award-Conscious Applicant – These guys are probably the strongest link; however, employers think that merely focusing on an applicant’s trophy case is just wrong. Applicants often flaunt their medals on their portfolios and employers find that very creepy.

2. The Reserved One – Hiring managers often question themselves as, “What was I thinking inviting this person over for an interview?” Reserved applicants wander into space, stammering in front of the interviewer and are not sure where they really are. Most reserved applicants happen to be ‘new graduates’ who are still in the process of learning the do’s and don’ts of an interview.

3. The ‘I am just here to try my luck’ Applicant – It is very sad to see applicants not exerting effort to get a job. Scores of applicants enter the interview room without appreciating the interviewer’s time to extract personal information out from them.

4. The Jumper – This is a reference to the sci-fi flick, Jumper, where the hero has the uncanny ability to hop from one place to another through teleportation. Applicants who jump from one job to another after a week or month is not uncanny, it is unprofessional and hiring managers stay away from these people.

5. The Currently Employed Applicant – Do not play it safe. Applicants who are still currently employed should not waste their time looking for a job. If you are unhappy with your job, then resign and look for another opportunity.

Diane Williams has 15 years of experience mentoring human resource professionals and recruitment agency personnel.


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