Elements that a Professional Resume Can Live Without

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Professional Resume Elements You Can Live WithoutA majority of today’s applicants are going through the headache of writing a resume with finesse. Most of them are not familiar with the basics of authoring an employment abstract that would effectively market their skills, talents, educational, and work background.

Inexperienced applicants include pitfalls or unnecessary elements on the curriculum vitae. These are objects that your professional resume can live without. Career analysts and coaches frown upon space-eating professional resume elements such as:

List of hobbies

A hiring manager would not stay with a resume longer than ten seconds. All he/she would do is scan the applicant’s objectives and scrutinize the resume’s overall structure. Moreover, a hiring manager would not even reach some of the resume’s minor parts such as computer skills and references. An applicant who attaches his/her list of bodies would just eat space and may eclipse the resume’s most important parts.


In other countries, companies encourage applicants to attach their photographs. In corporate America, it is a mortal sin to include an image of any size on the curriculum vitae. This is because American firms want to keep applications fair and square. There is a growing trend wherein physically attractive applicants are often recommended to start out on a specific job, which violates the United States’ Equal Opportunity Employer legislation.

Links of the applicant’s personal web sites

Hiring managers care less if the applicant owns a web site or two. However, there is an exemption to the rule. If the web site is related to the job, then the applicant may include it on his/her professional resume.

Criminal record

Some say that an honest application always wins the heart of hiring managers. Not every time, though. If the applicant has committed a major felon that almost got him/her behind bars for an eternity, then the hiring manager might just reconsider. That is just how harsh the corporate world is.

Social networking accounts

Apart from web sites, hiring managers are not interested with an applicant that treats Facebook or Twitter as his/her personal domain. Analysts advice applicants to “sparingly” include social network accounts and focus more on job objectives.


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