Factors to Build Top-Quality Teams in the Workplace

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factors that contribute teamwork in the workplaceOrganizational successes are nurtured by teamwork. Teamwork has added value and significance to individual persons, both leaders and members. Rather than working independently, team work, in fact, is essential in the workplace to generate higher productivity and formulate better solutions.


You may be wondering: how do we create better and effective teams? Below are factors that contribute to teamwork.

Goal factor

Better and effective teams should set specific goals to achieve, including the expected results and deadline for completion. It should necessarily be discussed and decided by the entire team, not by the leader.

Communication factor

Better and effective teams are those whose members have open communication with each other in an atmosphere where they can talk and listen.

This is a kind of team where members freely share their thoughts and opinions with the group. This is a kind of team where decisions are made through discussion and dialogue rather than assumption and dictatorship.

Trust factor

One exercise in team building developed by experts is the rope-challenge course. This enables teams to solve problems by working collectively.

The success of teamwork is based on trust. Without trust, members will be merely working in the same place individually. Each member should trust their colleagues that they will actively perform their specific tasks and responsibilities well.

Progress factor

Sometimes, new situations or information can potentially affect all efforts to achieve the goal. It is important, therefore, to conduct a review of the progress from time to time. This allows you more time to rectify weak methodologies, and troubleshoot unexpected problems that emerged.

Cooperation factor

Better and effective teams encourage cooperation, rather than competition, among its members. Each member should think of collaborating with other members of the team, rather than engaging in rivalry just to get a desired job promotion. Without cooperation, team goals are more like to fail.


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