10 Ways to Writing a Top Resume for Information Technology Careers

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a top IT resume on the table

Keen on returning to the workforce but retrenchment from previous job has been holding you back? Did your hiatus makes you doubt your technical skills, thus, requiring you to update your knowledge on information technology? How can your application tool highlight your qualifications while keeping your recruiter’s eyes away from your employment gap? Here’s  a list of effective tips and ways of writing … Read More

8 Magnificent Ways to Fall in Love with Your Job All Over Again

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man making a way to conquer job boredom

Dating back to the first weeks of your current job, do you remember how enticed you are to go to work? Can you recall the days when you can’t stop talking about it to your friends? During the honeymoon phase with your current career, everything seemed “perfect.” You couldn’t get enough and you wanted to know more about your job. … Read More