10 Proper Ways to Do Job Search While Still Employed

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job searching while employed

There are days when coming to work becomes more dragging and overwhelming. It especially happens when you’ve been in the company for several years. You wake up one day and suddenly dread Mondays, hate your boss, or simply doesn’t feel the excitement like it was before. If you’re feeling any of these, maybe it’s time to leave. But here’s what … Read More

6 Effective Tips to Buying Your Boss a Sincere Present this Christmas

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lady preparing for office gift-giving

Christmas is just around the corner. Surely in a few days, you’re going to be busy hopping shopping malls to buy presents for your colleagues. Is your boss included on the list? Don’t think of burning your money on an expensive gift. Make office gift-giving practical with these 6 tips: 1.Research Buying your boss a gift is like any other … Read More