10 Ugly Statements You Should Never Say to People Searching for Jobs

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Searching for opportunities is the most tiring and distressing portion in the job hunt game. Apart from waiting in vain for employers’ to respond to their application, the feeling of being repeatedly rejected for the job is rough and dejecting. If you have a job seeker friend, family member, or relative, running a commentary on their job hunt status requires … Read More

6 Inspirational Quotes for Hopeless Job Seekers

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If you’re losing hope because you’re getting zero results in your current job search, read these six inspirational quotes for discouraged job seekers. Let these encouraging thoughts motivate and energize you. With so much job opportunities around, don’t let yourself become one of the dispirited job applicants thus hampering your career goals. Inspirational Quotes for Discouraged Job Seekers   1) … Read More