10 Proper Ways to Do Job Search While Still Employed

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job searching while employed

There are days when coming to work becomes more dragging and overwhelming. It especially happens when you’ve been in the company for several years. You wake up one day and suddenly dread Mondays, hate your boss, or simply doesn’t feel the excitement like it was before. If you’re feeling any of these, maybe it’s time to leave. But here’s what … Read More

Interactive Tools You Should Use to Prepare for Your Job Interview

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Job interview is every applicant’s doorway to get to their dream jobs. Some will say you should not sweat on it and demonstrate your skills as if you’re telling a story – and others will tell you to prepare early for it. In fact, job interview requires practice and preparation, so you can ensure to impress your future hiring manager. … Read More

Annoying Job Interview Tactics that Candidates Do to Make Recruiters Hire Them

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Every candidate wants to get to the shortlist and win their much-coveted job. They’ll give their 101% best to convince the hiring manager they’re worthy of the position. But there are some candidates who get so competitive they end up doing things that upset recruiters. Are you preparing for your job interview? You’d better market yourself right – and don’t … Read More

5 Proven Reasons Why Job Interviews Feel So Awkward [Infographic]

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Sweaty palms, dry throat, feeling cold: these are few of the many feelings we get in a job interview. In fact, a job interview is just a formal one-on-one conversation with your recruiter. So it’s safe to say there’s nothing really to get nervous of. But why do job interviews feel awkward? This infographic will show you 5 reasons that … Read More