5 Workplace Objects that Can Revitalize Your Career

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5 Workplace Objects that Can Revitalize Your CareerA well-decorated work space is one of the key contributing factors why employees are motivated in waking up early despite knowing that they will encounter heavy traffic jams and transit rush hour. Personalized work stations are considered even more powerful in motivating employees to produce at a higher level as expected by their supervisors and managers.

Ornamenting one’s work space sheds out the kind of aura necessary to enjoy one’s work without faltering for one second. Work should not be necessarily boring, and decorating one’s workstation contributes to a healthier, happier career.

When thinking of re-structuring your workstation for decorative purposes, consider displaying three of the following workplace objects:

Family photographs

NBA players risk their time away from families just to become the season’s champions. They are motivated by the Larry O’ Brien championship, which all players dream of one day drenching with champagne and tears of indescribable joy.

As employees working for eight hours for straight days, it is our families that inspire us to continue and press on. They are what make us sip another cup of coffee just to stay awake during overtime.  Our families are a reflection of what we want in our career: happy, stable, and genuine.

If you want to remain inspired during your stay in your company, consider placing an inspirational photograph of you with your family.

Sticky notes containing inspirational quotes

Quotes are always effective eye-openers. Upon reading one, we are swallowed in a dimension that wakes us up from our personal struggles. Consider pasting one powerful quote that will remind you about how important your career is, or you can always create one of your own.

A book that inspired you in more ways than one

Customize your work space with a book that inspired you for who you are today. Normally, books contain one piece of unforgettable verse or line that changed a person’s outlook towards life. Pick one book that you won’t bother to read over and over again during your morning and afternoon break.

An action figure that you idolized during your childhood

Ornament your workstation with an action figure that you consider your hero/heroine during your childhood years and up to the present. Staring at it for a few seconds will give you time to reflect and converge its heroic qualities towards you and your work. Frequently, these heroes are sprinkled with positive traits, which we can then attribute to our everyday performance at work.

Certificates or plaques that mirror your true potential

Awards in the form of certificates or plaque will inspire to continue on with what you have started. Hanging one inside your cubicle will remind you how extraordinary and competitive you are as an employee.

When you place any of these workplace objects on your desk, the drive for work you once had will come back to life. Let it always remind you that you work not just for money, but with a purpose to flourish and inspire others in the future, as well.


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