What Hiring Managers Mean by “You’re Overqualified”?

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What Hiring Managers Mean by You’re OverqualifiedBeing rejected for a job post hurts. But being told you’re overqualified for the position makes the blow less painful and, in a weird way, sooth your ego.

How true is this statement though? What exactly did the interviewer mean when he/she said that you’re overqualified and can’t hire you because of it? Shouldn’t they grab the opportunity and hire you because of how well-established you already are?

Unfortunately, there are numerous underlying messages with this simple o-word. To help you out, here are 5 of them:

1. “You were paid so much and we can’t give you something similar to or better than that.”

Most employers already have a set budget for the new hire. If your records show you’re too valuable, they will think you’ll ask for something more than they can give.

2. “You might go after my job, and I can’t have that.”

Nearly all managers and bosses are self-conscious in their roles, especially if they feel they’re not living up to it. When you come along being all impressive, their insecurities will cause them to push you away.

3. “You might be too hard to manage.”

It’s normal to see younger professionals follow orders of their older counterparts. But most seasoned experts have difficulty submitting to young—albeit less experienced—managers.

4. “You might get bored and not do duties that are ‘a waste of your skills’”

If you’ve been in the industry a long time and have experienced so much, hiring managers fear you’ll eventually find the job tedious and unchallenging. You refusing to do tasks that are “too simple” for you is another fear of HR personnel, causing them to reject you.

5. “You might leave us when a better opportunity comes your way.”

Employers want employees who are loyal and will stay with them for years. Unfortunately, professionals who know their value and think they deserve better jump from one company to another when they are given a handsome offer.

You must show hiring managers you will be an asset to their company through and through and pacify their unvoiced concerns.

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