Basic Rules to Follow When Applying for a Job Online

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online job application rulesJob applications have become more and more advanced. Not only do resumes enter a specific portal for shortlisting purposes, applicants don’t really need to exhaust themselves in visiting the office they want or dream of becoming part of since the advent of online job searches makes it easier for hiring managers to sort out the bad egg from the good noodle. You just need to follow certain online job application rules to ensure your success.

Of course, since the process of submitting resumes or cover letters have become much easier, it doesn’t mean that applicants won’t abide by the rules, or ‘netiquettes’ imposed by the company and the job hunt web site. There are underlying principles that an applicant should religiously follow as simple obedience could land him/her an interview.

These ingrained job application etiquettes are primarily a test to see how qualified, willing, or polite an applicant is. The resume is also a part of it, though, HR managers tend to prioritize an application that resonates modesty than a resume reeking with arrogance.

Here are some basic online job application netiquettes, which you should abide with in order to ensure success in your online job application:

  • Send your resume to the appropriate online address. When applying online, your resume will either travel two specific routes: (1) The job portal that will automatically send your application to the employer or, (2) the company’s resume databank. Identifying both is easy enough, if the company posted a particular job and their e-mail addresses is not present at the bottom of the employee qualification section, register and submit your resume (and cover letter, IF NECESSARY) via the job portal that hosted the job vacancy.
  • Submit resumes that do not contain malicious or suspicious files attached on it. Viruses surreptitiously invade your computers every time you plug in a flash drive or visit an unprotected web site. Make sure to check your resume, since malicious wares often target word documents and PDF files. Submitting resumes riddled with viruses to job portals will not give you any fighting chance at all to land an interview.
  • Never goad the HR department into hiring you immediately. Ostracize the idea of becoming hired within a day – if ever you submit your curriculum vitae online, never include words that would coax the hiring manager to hire you on the spot, no questions asked. Be polite and incorporate various resume writing techniques that will make you sound like an aggressively polite and shrewd applicant.
  • Don’t pester hiring personnel by submitting multiple copies of your resume. They (hiring managers and HR personnel) understand that you want to be part of the working force, but submitting multiple copies of your resume to emphasize your desire to work for them is just unforgiveable. As much as possible, send your application once and move on to the next job vacancy. This is what we mean by multiple applications!

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