Top 10 Fun Office Christmas Party Game Ideas You Should Definitely Try

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Office parties will never be fun without games – especially this Christmas. They’re an awesome way to break the ice and encourage employees to mingle with each other. Get the prizes ready as we list down these 10 fun office Christmas party games:

1. Pin Rudolph’s Red Nose

Materials: A print out or drawing of Rudolph, pieces of round red paper with double adhesive tape in it, blindfold

Mechanics: This is a fun office Christmas party game that will crack up everyone. Blindfold the person, and then spin him/her 10 times and have them try to pin the nose on Rudolph. Whoever pins the red nose closest, wins.

2. Fill the Christmas Stocking

Materials: Spoons, clean socks, candies

Mechanics: Participants will race through obstacles to fill their team’s hanging stocking with spoonful of wrapped candies. The first team to fill their sock wins.

3. Snowman Wrapping Game

Materials: Toilet papers

Mechanics: The “snowman” of each group will wrap him or her in toilet paper. The first or the best group to wrap and decorate the snowman wins.

4. Human Christmas Tree

Materials: Green crepe paper, ornaments, or any decors each team can find

Mechanics: Members of each team will wrap their human Christmas tree in green crepe paper and decorate with ornaments or anything they can find. The team with best decorated human Christmas tree, wins.

5. Snowman Building Contest

The team that builds the most unique snowman in a short span of time wins.

6. Family Feud: Christmas Special

This should be a homemade, Christmas-themed of the popular game show, “Family Feud.”

7. Ornament on a Spoon

Materials: Round ornaments, spoons, chairs

Mechanics: Instead of balancing an egg on a spoon, participants should instead balance an ornament on a spoon. The first team to complete running around the obstacle with the ornament on their spoon wins.

8. Santa Limbo

Materials: Pillows, limbo stick

Mechanics: Have the participants do the Limbo, but there’s a twist: put a “Santa belly” under their shirt using a pillow. The only one person, who made it through the last round without his /her belly touching the limbo stick wins.

9. Blindfold Christmas Drawing

Materials: Pen, paper, blindfold

Mechanics: Divide players into pairs. The blindfolded person will draw a Christmas tree on a paper while his/her partner instructs the directions. The Christmas tree should have its ornaments and star. The pair that draws the best Christmas tree wins.

10. Ornament Guess

Have the guests guess the total number of ornaments on the Christmas tree. The player who has the closest guess wins.

Christmas is the best season of all. It’s the time of joy, of giving, of peace, and of great tidings. But let’s not forget the main reason for this season is to celebrate the birth of our Savior, the redeemer of mankind, Jesus Christ.

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