12 High-Paying Jobs with No Bachelor’s Degree Requirement

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Are you a job seeker with no college degree? Don’t lose hope because you’ll find lots of non-degree jobs out there waiting for you. Here’s a list along with the education (E), training (T), and license (L) requirements, plus the annual median wage (AMW) for each to see if you fit one.

12 High-Paying Non-Degree Jobs in the United States

1. Subway Operators

Transport passengers by rather driving subway or suburban trains or any electric-powered trolley car.
E: High school graduate or equivalent
T: Moderate-term on-the-job training (OJT)
*AMW: $64,680

2. Commercial Pilots

Fly high on any aircraft for rescue operations, aerial photography, crop dusting, or even firefighting.
E: High school graduate
T: Extensive – in particular, a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (with 70 hours as average time) to get a private pilot’s license (renewable)
L: Federal Aviation Administration license and ATP certification
*AMW: $77,200

3. Gaming Managers

Run the operations of a casino by creating its plans and directing its daily gaming activities.
E: High school diploma or equivalent
T: No related training required
*AMW: $69,180

4. Private Detectives

Probe people, things, and incidents to solve crimes, fraud, or mysteries or just to satisfy paranoia.
E: High school diploma (for most detective jobs)
T: Related work experience is a plus
L: Required in a few states
*AMW: $48,190

5. Postmasters

Perform several duties inside the post office, including clerical and operational tasks.
E: At least high school graduate
T: Moderate-term OJT
*AMW: $71,670

6. Dental Hygienists

Carry out dental procedures under a licensed dentist’s supervision.
E: Associate’s degree in dental hygiene
T: Classroom and clinical learning
L: State-issued certificate after passing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination
*AMW: $72,910

7. Power Plant Operators

Operate machines with the purpose to generate electric power supply.
E: High school diploma or equivalent
T: Long-term OJT
*AMW: $74,690

8. Registered Nurses

Assist physicians in patient care and in administrative and clinical duties.
E: Associate’s degree in nursing or a certification from an approved nursing program
T: Experience in clinical settings
L: State-issued license after passing the National Council Licensure Examination
*AMW: $68,450

9. Web Developers

Design, code, and revamp websites based on instructions and specifications.
E: Associate’s degree or related program
T: Training in various web-building disciplines, coding strategies, and graphic design
*AMW: $66,130

10. Electrical Technicians

Install, test, maintain, and repair electronic sources, wiring, or components of any tool or device that involves electricity.
E: Associate’s degree
T: Training in electrical and mechanical maintenance
*AMW: $62,190

11. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Prepare radioactive drugs and compounds and dispense them to patients who go through scanning.
E: Associate’s degree
T: No earlier training required
*AMW: $74,350

12. Office Support Supervisors

Manage office staff and act as liaison to the different departments.
E: High school diploma or equivalent
T: Moderate-term OJT
*AMW: $54,340

These posts pay thousands of skilled workers and vow to hire more people. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a much faster job outlook for these posts. Further, with their high wage offers, these non-degree jobs promise a successful life for applicants with no bachelor’s degree.

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*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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