Lack Professional Skills? Try These Six Resume Must-Haves!

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checklist graphicsWhat abilities do you have?

If you don’t have enough work experience to list down, use the functional resume format. This is the best way to attract your employers and refocus your resume on your professional skills.

In a skills-based resume, you can highlight your abilities and play down your work history. This is suitable for career shifters, fresh graduates, and applicants who lack work experience.

Professional abilities are not limited to specialized knowlege in a specific job. They also cover what you learned from experiences. Here are a few:

Personal Strengths
You may want to offer your personal strengths to the company when they hire you. These include your work ethics (e.g. honesty, sense of responsibility, promptness, adaptability, etc.).

Organizational Ability
Employers want an applicant who knows how to plan and organize. Having these skills means being able to prioritize things and start plans while handling your time well to meet goals.

Computer/Technical Knowledge
Employers look into good computer skills, too. They require basic knowledge on Microsoft Suite (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and Internet use.

Problem Solving
Your talent to bring results shows that you are creative in resolving work challenges. And this is what an employer wants to have in a firm.

Whether written or verbal, one should have strong communication skills. These are essential when working with your boss, customers, and even with fellow workers. You should be good at listening and expressing your thoughts to other people. In addition, a good communicator must know how to give and receive feedback.

If you have the ability to lead a team and work with them, do not hesitate to highlight it on your resume. Having a strong leadership skill would guarantee your potential employer that you are responsible in fulfilling your assigned tasks.

Remember, these abilities need proofs. So state relevant examples that will justify your edge despite your lack of experience. To make a functional approach work for you, make sure to refocus your resume on professional skills that you have!

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