5 Effective Job Search Hacks to End Your Endless Job Hunt

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The US job market looks at a bright future now that the unemployment rate hit its lowest (4.1%) in 17 years. Further, Baby Boomers are retiring, which will shrink the labor size. The aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey gave way to 22,000 openings in healthcare, 50,000 open jobs in business services, and 89,000 vacancies in the restaurant industry. These figures are only parts of the US Labor Department’s total projection of 261,000 job openings at present. Hence, job hunters must learn effective job search tips to take advantage of these job opportunities.

Get Hired Fast with Tried-and-Tested Job Search Tips

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Job seekers of varied career backgrounds still have the same “how to succeed in job hunt?” dilemma. Just as the times are always changing, recruitment trends and methods also evolve. Thus, job seekers must keep on updating their tactics and apply the best job hunting strategies to land their desired careers.

How to Job Hunt Effectively

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Are you a fresh grad looking for your first job? Are you a career shifter or a mid-level employee wanting to climb up the corporate ladder? Are you planning to get back to the workforce after an extended career hiatus? Are you looking for tried-and-tested job search advice to help you overcome most job hunt scenarios? Here are smart job search tips that recruitment experts swear by to help you attract more job offers:

Think like a Recruiter

Job seekers pay attention most on job board postings when looking for open positions to apply for. However, recruiters tend to hire more from candidate referrals. Thus, this mismatch makes the job hunt harder for most applicants since they focus on the wrong channels. With reference to the famous line from the movie “Caddyshack,” in order to conquer a recruiter, you must also think like one. Hence, job hunters must give more effort on channels that recruiters value more.

Harness the Power of Online Job Networks

We live in the Social Media Age. Aside from connecting to family and friends, social media can also be a reliable job search tool. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. It is home to almost 500 million users (133 million of this number come from the US alone), with 3 million active job openings. Thus, internet technology just changed the game for the benefit of younger professionals to take the place of the Baby Boomer generation who are ripe for retirement.

Maximize Available Channels

Sending applications online might be convenient, but there are still other methods to explore. Job postings on online boards attract more applicants, so the competition in those opening is also high. Hence, instead of directing all your energy on online applications, contact potential employers personally and schedule speculative interviews. Hence, they get to know you better and you get a glimpse of their company culture.

Make Each Application Unique

Recruiters appreciate job seekers who tailor their resume and CV. Don’t be lazy and send a “one-size-fits-all” application. If you want to impress your future employer, do some research and show them how interested you are to be part of their company. Further, make them fall in love with you by writing a striking cover letter.


Highlight Your Best Self

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung says, “your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks inside, awakens.” It also applies to the job search in general. Job seekers must first study their career goals, so they can plan which methods will suit them best. The key to surviving endless job hunt might just come from within. Further, they must always strive to update their job skills and make sure that their resume also reflects those improvements.

Where to Find Expert Job Search Advice?

Job seekers must level up their job hunt skills and use the best job seeking tips and techniques. The job hunt is only tough if you don’t have a solid plan. Job seekers must level up their job hunt skills and use the best job seeking tips and techniques to make their life easier. For best results, consult professional job search experts to help your resume get the attention it deserves.

We hope that these techniques have helped you step up your job search game. If you want to read more job search tips and career advice, check out other articles published on our blog.

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